Thursday, May 3

Tuesday, May 1

I'm so very happy

It all seems like a dream now......

 One that I love to think about
all the time.

How we had a sweet little celebration
when Addie's siblings 
came to meet her.
The giddy grins from adoring
big sisters & brother.
How the SIX of us were finally all together.

How exhausted the Hunk & I were
but so happy as we napped together on my 
hospital bed.

How fun it was to have family
come meet our gem.

How I melted every time I looked at her.
And melt, 
I still do!

Now, we're back to real life.
It is oh, so wonderful.
Still kinda dream-like.
Maybe it's the lack of sleep....
Most definitely,
it's this sweet babe 
that fills our house with extra love & amusement.

We are easing back into routines.
It's been tricky getting meals made,
getting to bed on time,
getting up on time,
getting kids to school at all.
Like when we had french toast for dinner
at 8pm,
then stayed up for a couple hours watching
the hospital home videos.
On a school night.
So fun, so memorable.
Who cares about schedules?!

first walk
The every day around here
isn't much different than before 
Adeline came.
But it is so much more awesome because
she is here with us!

We've had millions of visitors
from family & friends.
And lots of meals.
Thank you!!!

Yep, just the regular ol' day-to-day.
Beautiful stuff!

and hey!
I even got to slip away for a couple hours
and watch the BYU Women's Conference concert.
INcredibly inspiring.
Did I mention that I'm happy?
'Cause I am.