Wednesday, June 30


He just makes me happy.

a patriotic equation

These seasonal beauties

these blue babies

this indulgent stuff & a bit of brown sugar
(cream or evap milk works, too)

So who can barely stand it?
It is almost America's birthday!!!!!!
We've been busy decking the halls,
making r/w/b bracelets,
planning our big weekend.
The FOURTH is probably my favorite celebration.
But I think I say that about every holiday.
So what are your plans/ideas/traditions?
PS: I'm all better. Thank you for your well wishes!

Wednesday, June 23

Trying to find something to celebrate about........


Getting waited on by sweet & willing neighbors.
My favorite popsicles.
My Ma dear taking my 2 biggers overnight.
ummmm, now I'm stuck.....
What timing.
How much longer, Hunk o' mine?
Work is kinda sorta over-rated.
Maybe? Sometimes?

Monday, June 21

longest day indeed

Happy OFFICIAL 1st day o' Summer.
It really has been a long day.
A doc appt for Ella, a diaper blow-out
from my FOUR year old,
a monster trip to Sam's
enduring questions from my girl like,
"Why is everyone staring at Wyatt?"
(when did this start? I thought she'd never notice!)
my sore throat,
waited in the longest Walgreens line ever,
stepped on way too many Life cereals
in the messiest house ever,
I miss my hunk.

But I did get some reading in,
had some cheesecake
for family night at my
sis-in-law's (thanks, Emily!),
watched my baby happily crawl
in the grass and play with rocks
and cousins,
ate a yummy cinnamon pretzel at Sam's Club,
filled my deep freezer with fruit
for smoothies galore,
and cuddled with Meeskii outside
tonight on a blanket,
basking in summer's first day.
This pic is for you, Lover!

Sunday, June 20

a redo, ferris wheels & a roar.

Happy Father's Day
to Dada and all our
awesome Dads!

The Hunk & I just spoke
on the phone.
It is official.
We are having a Father's Day
next weekend for dada.
He left for a business trip
today and it just wasn't
the special day that he deserves.
My word, I love that man so much.
He is a father to be celebrated!

Soooooo, let me blog about ferris wheels, eh?

I love them.
They are so colorful.
The view is amazing.
They make me sick,
but I still am obsessed
as you'll see in the coming pics.
One night recently,
our family planned on going to the carnival together.
Last minute, the Hunk gets stuck on a work call.
Ugh. NOOOooow when will we get to go?
I almost gave up.
Take the three children by myself?
That's crazy.
Okay, that's IT. I'm doing it!

Why the heck would I do something so adventurous? She is the reason.
Which, I guess, sorta answers Jennie's question: What do you and Mr. Hunky do to help your other kids feel special, important, needed and loved. I know this seems like kind of a no brainer. I'm just wondering if you have found a certain somethin' somethin' that they really love and that they crave when it is THEIR time with mom and dad.

Jennie - you're a mama that celebrates a special life, too, so this is nothin' new. This darling girl is on my mind constantly, specifically for that reason. I'm afraid that she gets lost in the shuffle. Between the demands of my "twins", therapies, going here & there, laundry, and my frazzled self, I have so much anxiety that Meeskii is not receiving the love & attention that this effervescent doll needs. Once upon a time, we came up with the 6th day of every month to be her day. It would be easy for us to remember since she was born on the 6th. The grand plan was to take her out. Just mom & dad & Meeskii. Alas. Life happens and know.

But I am a believer in EFFORT. It takes a ton of effort for us to go places and do things. 2 babies and a wheelchair and a stroller and all the stuff! Oh, it just seems easier to stay home! Especially since we'd be going out into an overstimulating atmosphere during the bedtime hours, yikes. But I think of my girl and my heart aches.....I want her to experience the wonderfulness of childhood and celebrate all that she can in these young years. I thrill just seeing her live life. I don't want to be the reason she is missing out.

And so I took a deep breath
and pressed on.
Packed up we did and threw ourselves
into that super crowded, lively carnival.
I'm sure I ran over a zillion
toes with the double jogger "bus" stroller.
But I'm sure those people
would forgive me if only they knew
what that night was doing for a
troubled mama and her children.

This picture tells all.
All 3 dears were awesome.
Happy, content, taking it all in.
It's like the babies knew this was
something extra special
for mama & big sister.
Meeskii was adorably giddy that night.
She held my hand,
smiled her cheeks off,
and had an absolute blast.

I'll never forget that night.
It wasn't just a mother taking her
children to a carnival.
It was a gift, of sorts.
At the end of the night,
after a few hours of carnival-ing,
we were all happy and in one piece.
We were full of that celebratory feeling.
Life is fun & good!
I can do this!!!!

And back we went,
just me, my sister, Kylee, and Meeskii.

Just one of the looks that
she gives that confirms
to me
that the downs of life
are so worth the ups.

I am mama.

Thursday, June 17

Celebrating Life, lesson two

Hang a hummingbird feeder
outside your window.
It is such a delight
to see those sweet tiny birds
come a-grubbin'.
My pa-in-law says to
boil 4 C water, dissolve 1 C sugar,
cool & fill feeder.

Tuesday, June 15

graduations, summer, and a whole lotta celebrating

Celebrating a few grads
that I just love so much:

my brother, Logan.
He is awesome.

So is my sis, Brooke,
'cause she made him this
graduation lei.
You might have seen these two
on the famous Tatertots & Jello?!!!

Bugg's graduation ceremony
was the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
I walked into the preschool class
to see the ever wonderful Ms. Britt,
sitting with our handsome Bugg.
She did hand-over-hand with him
throughout all the songs
and, my goodness,
I was a mess!

Bugg has had fanTASTic teachers.
They love him.
They really, really do.
Is there nothing that makes
a mama more happy than
to see her children be loved?
How could I possibly show my thanks?

Well, I tried anyway.
I invited them all over for lunch.
and I had such a lovely time with them,
laughing and sharing Bugg stories and crying,
that I totally forgot to snap a pic.
So this is all I got, right after they left.

Our Kindergartner is now a 1st grader.
This spunky & firey girl
adjusted quite well to this crazy year.
With the new baby and having
both children start school at the
same time, well,
it was a tricky time.
meaning sometimes downright
Can you believe that homeschooling
still calls to me occasionally?!!!
Oh, my word, can you imagine?

Celebrating sporadic bursts of
cold weather. What?!
At least I get to wear my super cute hat,
handmade by my lil' sis, Kylee!

Celebrating nap times. Always.

Celebrating the discovery and
wonder of chapter books!
Summer list includes: Junie B. Jones and
The Little House books.

We celebrate the Bugg most definitely.
Every second.

And this one's new trick:
"talking on the phone."
She says, most heartily,

Apparently we celebrate sick days
because Meeskii said,
"I prayed to have an ear infection
so I could get the pink medicine!"
Whatev, kid. There you go.

Many trips to the parks.
So many to choose from.
We are going to rate them
and find the best one out there.

celebrating sunshine.

Celebrating SUMMER!
And welcoming it by
throwing a party for the children
in our neighborhood.

Celebrating just 'cause.
A campfire in our driveway
with family.
Happy Summer everyone!

Thursday, June 10

celebrating the one year old princess

Ella Rose, my sweet'ems.
This baby had such a happy birthday.
Her special day was much like the others,
just doin' our thing.
But their was extra sparkle
and beauty to it.

But first,
a celebration with the family & friends
over the weekend.

A picnic out back,
homemade ice cream,
a water balloon & candy launch,

Ella's cake - whole wheat zucchini bread
with a wee bit of frosting.
What?!!! She is ONE, people.
She loved it.

But then there was her
b-day breakfast.
A chocolate donut!
The picture doesn't express it right.
She LOVED it.

Gadding about the park
with our dear friends.

Ella loves:
to swing,
be outside,
eat EVERYthing she finds,
especially loves"nanas" (bananas),
her paci & blankie,
to steal Wyatt's glasses,
play patty cake,
her dada,
and lots of attention.

An enchanting 5 minute dinner outside.
Makes a great picture, though.

Flashlights, sparklers, what's the diff?
Sparklers burn out fast, that's what.
Try it.
Slow shutter speed, tripod, easy.
But sparklers look way cooler.

I just cannot even tell you how fun & wonderful it has been to watch our sweet'ems grow & discover & learn. After having a child with so many delays and issues, it has been a healing balm to my heart to have Ella in our family. What JOY we've experienced just seeing her smile at us, pick up a cheerio, play patty cake, say "ba" (ball), and lay on our shoulder. To see the interaction between Ella & her siblings is sweet, SWEET treasure. I love her. I love birthdays. I love life. And cake. Especially banana cake with maple frosting. 'Cause the babe loves "nanas."