Monday, October 17


I haven't thrown up in 2 days.
Could it be?!!!!!
Please let it be!
So now I'm just feeling cruddy,
instead of crappy.

Tuesday, October 11

It's been a doozie

Right now,
I should be giddy as heck.
I mean, it's Autumn!
And the leaves are on fire.
I should be picking baskets full
to make garlands.
And baking pumpkin cookies.
And planning Halloween costumes.
Starting Christmas gifts.
Picking apples.
And all that jazz.
But the celebratory fire in me has been temporarily snuffed.
I'm soooooooooo happy to be pregnant, right, I am!
But I am so sick.
And tired.
And tired of throwing up!
Yes, I know, bless my heart, thanks.

This was one of my last good days.
"Good" as in nauseous but still hanging in
and getting out.
We picked berries,
I made a pie,
it was beautiful.

Sorry I've left you all wondering what happened to us.
I just couldn't bring myself to do hardly anything.
My goal for the day is to
feed kids, get them on the bus, and just survive.
There have been a few small miracles, though.
Like getting these two ready for picture day:

I mean, CUTE!

And I somehow dragged myself
up to Shriner's with Bugg
to get his new braces & shoes.
So styling, he is!
Nobody can get away with wearing white shoes
like Bugg can.
They will stay perfectly white for forever!

Apparently, I took a picture of the birds
eating all our sunflower seeds.

My girl cracks me up.
Mia has dressed herself since she was 2.
Sometimes she lets me do her hair.
Other than that,
she is on her own and I'm fine with it.
I mean, look at her.
She knows style!

See the rainbow?


This day was miracle of all miracles.
We went to the pumpkin patch.
The hayride, the maze, tromping through the patch,
eating cider & donuts.....
I just couldn't let that go.

in the maze

There was magic in the patch, like always.
And there were moments when I thought I'd be sick.
But I loved the joy on my childrens' faces
as we carried out one of our favorite traditions.
But just 'cause we made it to the patch
doesn't mean that I can deal with Halloween.
All those treats!
Ew! Get away!
And coming up with costumes sounds so exhausting.

We've rummaged around in Grandma's
costume box.
Mia is so picky and changes her mind every day.
Ella is freaked out about costumes.
Fine with me, actually.
And Bugg.

Any ideas?
He can't be the only kid at school
and the only cousin at the party
with no costume.

Done! I actually finished a post for you!
I must really love you or something.