Saturday, October 30

a note to you from the hippie couple

Happy Halloween!
and also,
you guys are so sweet.
Thank you forever much
for your joyful comments
about Wyatt standing up like a big boy.
I'm still on a high about it.
Not a hippie high, though....
ya know, just a joy joy joy high.

Thursday, October 28

the cowboy, the hippie, and a drumroll, please

Bugg has had two Halloween parties
at preschool already.
The boy can really strut his stuff!
The cowbugg.......

the stache just kills me!

And the hippie-bugg.....

coming off the bus

With bell-bottoms, peace patches,
and a FRO,
Bugg seemed to be saying,
"Make peace, not war......
and mother, someday I'll get you for this."
Okay, so,
insert a hearty drumroll.............

He stands!
And perhaps for only .07 seconds,
but still.
(Brian was right there, I promise.)
Oh, OH! My heart is so happy
to see this.
And look, little sister is looking UP to her big brother.
When Wyatt isn't in his chair,
she is normally
ripping his glasses off, patting his hair, &
poking her finger in his belly button.
This is a new favorite picture of mine.
Peace out, friends!

Tuesday, October 26

to do, to do

Just checkin' off the to-do list....

To do:
Finish up the 13 Days of Halloween!
A festive activity to do each day.
Only 4 days left.
(We are celebrating on Saturday.)

Today, we played with costumed
paper dolls.

Tomorrow we'll paint our nails orange!

To do:
Figure out how to take pictures
at nighttime.
To do:
get a bounce flash.
To do:
take a look at Lightbox photo editing.

To do:
keep the baby off the table.
Secretly, it makes me laugh.
To do:
Get Bugg's papers for lab work,
make appointment with Orthopaedics and
to get his wheelchair adjusted.
To do:
Set Neurology appointment.
Already booking into March?
Good grief.

To do:
Pick a color already to paint
our very bright white bedroom.
I'm liking the sunset color, however.
Actually, I'm thinking......
something to remind us of
our dearest Bear Lake.
The sun, the sand, the lake, the raspberries.
Those are great colors.

Take a ride in Grandma's hot wheels.

Try out Caleb's new swing.
What a great swing set!

Finish up details on Bugg's costume.
He's got 2 this year!

made by my sister, Brooke

To do:

plan Family Night.
oops (it's every Monday night).
At least we got to the activity part.

Give faces to these guys.
They now abide indoors where they will
be lit every night so we can enjoy them.
At Mia's request.
Why didn't I think of that before?
She is an awesome genius.

To do:
Discover the reason I didn't absolutely
LOVE this book.
I loved the movie.
I think it's because they spent waaaaay
too much time in London.
Oh, yeah, and I understood about 1/3 of their
sophisticated language.
So should I try Pride & Prejudice next?

Fill up front door with
To do:
parent/teacher conference,
volunteer in Mia's classroom,
have a 'late night' with her & her friends.

To do:
make cider donuts.
That didn't get done so...
changed the to-do to
pick up orange rolls from bakery.
And pick up Mia's costume.
Among other list stuff.

Happy countdown to Halloween!
Have you marked any good stuff off your list, too?

Monday, October 25

any takers?

It came.
And approved by the insurance at that!

The Bugg's new bath chair.

Which doubles as fun
for his sisters.
This also means.............

......that this bath chair has been abandoned.
It used to be awesome for him.
He was supported and comfortable in it
during splish-splash time.
But now, because he is longer and heavier,
it just ain't cuttin' it.

Adjustable back support.

So help us out!
Do you know any special little friend
that could benefit from it?
For free!

Email me:
breefro at yahoo
We'd be thrilled to pass it on!
Have a snuggly Monday!

Thursday, October 21

Celebrating life, lesson three

Get your self to the park
The park is magnified by the season
and it is soooooooooooo beautiful.

You betcha.

Tuesday, October 19

back to the pin curls, people

Sorry, but I just had to clarify something.
I was just rereading my last post.
This picture made it seem that I went
out in public like this.
Did you catch that, too?
But I, indeed, did NOT.
This is merely the pinning process.
I didn't post an after picture because
none of them came out right.
The lighting was off and
my mirror has odd dirt spots.
But for the sake of redeeming myself......

And maybe that was all for naught.
You probably caught my drift before.

Monday, October 18


Leaves, leaves, leaves.
Beautiful autumn leaves.
They fascinate me to no end.
I just can't get enough.
And since this season goes mighty quick,
I'll breathe in every last one til they're gone.

Celebrating the boy that is perfect
in every little way.

Especially when it's in the canyon
with friends and all their kidlings.
Popcorn makes a great picnic food.

I thought Bugg needed to take
a power nap so I set him up on this blanket.....

Minutes later he is uncontrollably laughing.
At who knows what?!
celebrating his happiness
and the happiness he spreads to everyone.

And it's crafty way to create.

Since this picture last week,
she has figured out how to undo
the seat belt.
And so....
the wheelchair can no longer keep her PUT.
But I'm celebrating
that she figured out how to do it!
Babies are amazing!

Shutter speed and well, in general, the Nikon.
I finally captured a real sunbeam!
The shutter speed has to be super high.
What am I saying?!
I'm celebrating God & His wondrous creations.

I know, I already listed that one.
These beauts now blissfully fill up a vase
on the piano.
But I have this itch for more!
I'm really considering knocking on a few
houses that have brilliant trees in their yards.
I still have some ideas.....

And outings to Gardner Village
to see all the witches.

Check out her tongue!

at G&G's house.

Apple-picking at a friend's house.
Apples are almost as great as leaves!
So many options.


And pin curls.
Looooooove pin curls.
I wore them on a date with my Hunk.
We saw Secretariat.
Heartwarming movie.
You should try the pin curls, too.