Thursday, July 29

turning the mundane upside down

Today could have been just plain humdrum.
So we changed it up a bit.
I always wonder what other
SAHmama's do to fill up the days.
You know, besides laundry and diaper changes.
Here's some of what we do:

I wore my new pretty skirt,
even though I had no place to go,
except to the mailbox with Ella.

"Miracle Worker" was really good!

I gave Wyatt a new hairstyle.

And I totally love it!

We folded laundry and read books
in a fort.
Sometimes, it's worth it to make
a bigger mess while trying to clean up a mess.

Painted fingers and toes,
used fancy toothpicks for lunch,
and ate popsicles on the porch with friends.

Jam & cream cheese = perf

I planned & daydreamed
about the trip
that the Hunk & I will take in
a few weeks to celebrate
our 8 years of marriage!

Shrinky Dinks!
So much fun.
When is the last time you played
with those cute little shrinky dinks?!
found at Roberts Crafts

Gosh, therapies can be so bothersome.
For him and me!
But with Josh Turner blaring,
and a first-time try with play-do,
the dreadful stander becomes
somewhat tolerable.

And dinner? Well, I suggest
trying chips with a hearty salsa
peaches & cream.
PS: I am so giddy for Autumn!

And hey! a spur-of-the-moment
trip to the park.

I love mundane days.

Monday, July 26



I really love our home here
in this sweet, blessed valley.

We celebrated Pioneer Day
by eating johnny cakes,
pulling taffy,
having a neighborhood parade.

Sometimes I feel like a pioneer myself.
Not like having a child with
special needs
has never been done before
it is so hard and lonely and I have no idea what I'm doing!
But maybe,
I hope I'm paving a way somehow,
for someone else,

I know I've been touched
by many, MANY special
pioneers that celebrate
a special life, too,
and I'm so GRATEFUL.

We're celebrating the
new-found freedom
of this doll.

We celebrated our house's b-day!
It is 2 years old now.
To us, at least.
Ice cream & something new for our house
make up the birthday party.

Hot summer downpours!
Sitting on the porch,
feeling the parched earth
cool while watching the neighbor children
& Meeskii build dams in the gutter.

And celebrating an evening walk
in the wake of the storm.
Ah, hallelujah! for some cool weather.
Double stroller turned TRIPLE.

My oldest gal's fashion knack - love it.

#gazillion times today that she has
stolen his specs.
What is to celebrate about that?
Believe you me:
if I saw Wyatt snatch a toy
from Rooskii,
I'd do backflips!
Every lil' thing this baby does
is just so amazing to me.
Wyatt teaches us to take nothing for granted.

Friday, July 23

summertime breakfast

If there's any chance of us
getting outside these days,
it is in the AM.
That heat can be torture.
Especially for an immobile
little boy with lots of hair
in a BLACK wheelchair/stroller.
So we packed up some breakfast
and went wandering through our
little city for a new park.

We rate the parks up to 4 stars.
This park got just one star
but we still enjoyed our discovery.

By nine o'clock,
the sweat was pouring
and thankfully.....

......the sprinklers were inviting.

And what other time
can cookie baking be done?
Breakfast time!

PS: Bugg got new glasses.
It's only been a few months.
His sisters can be brutal.
Happy weekending!

Sunday, July 18

the Lovers' birthdays

Some details from
this past party week....

Martha's White Layer Cake with Lemon Curd Filling.......HELLO.

We ate cake on the porch
in the sticky heat.
The baby ate crumbs off
the ground.
31 candles makes for a dreamy glow.

The hunk's cake was
Chocolate-covered Oreo Cookie Cake

B-day outings included a trip
to the spacious & air-conditioned mall.
'Cause you KNOW we weren't
going to be out in the heat!
Aunt Brooke & cousins joined us
and it was a blast.
Lunch in the food court,
throwing pennies in the fountain,
free chocolate samples,
and getting our lips glamoured up.

Flapjack Friday got a make-over.
Pancakes with kiwis and
Sugared Coconut Milk Syrup.
I got a make-over, too.....

Cashed in on free birthday meals!

This is a scene from one of my
favorite children's books,
Tasha Tudor's A Time to Keep.
This was my birthday wish.
To recreate it.

Wish granted!
I believe a new tradition
has been born.