Friday, December 31

some facts about New Year's & a crafty equation

Facts about New Year's:
~I have never slept through N.Y.'s but
it is pure torture to stay up that late.
~Mia has stayed up til 12 since she was 2.
~When I was a missionary in Berlin,
my missionary companion & I watched
the Brandenburg Gate
fireworks from our apartment
and did sparklers.
~My Arizona cousin's b-day is today
and she'll be at our party tonight!
~Bugg has never been awake for the New Year.
~I ran out of sparklers,
I hope my mama has some.

Wowza, is it cold out there.
Like 16 degrees or something.

Which means that my ice wreaths
are holding up nicely.
Sorry, I won't bore you about these silly
things anymore!

I made some Snickerdoodles.
I love the crunchy slightly softy cooky.
And did you know.......?

......all those strawberry cartons left over from
the summer jamming season
make handy boxes to give cookies to neighbors.
Not exactly cute and airtight.
But that's not the priority.
The cookies are.
Now for the crafty equation:

a second-hand store plate

a thrifted mini brassy candlestick

this mega-hold glue


a change/jewelry/junk grabber.

Now bring on twenty-eleven!
Hope you have a sparkly moment at midnight!!!

Wednesday, December 29

this one's all over the place

I was going through my December pictures
and found a lot of random stuff.
Try & keep up!

Santa brought lots of chocolate.
Including Lindor chocolates,
which I've never had.
They are aaaalllmost as good as
Utah Mint Truffles.

My baby loves her baby.
Even though she drew all over her
head with a pen.
(Not yours, mom.)

Recently, Mia & I drove with my parents
to visit my brother, Logan, at college.
We threw an un-birthday party for him
with pizza & cookies.

his dorm room

The roomie eating ramen.

Logan played in a jazz concert.
He has wicked skills on the sax.
And everything musical, actually.
He just took a road tour trip with his indie band,
The Continentals,
to Seattle, Boise, & Portland.
I am so loving their latest CD,
In a Circle with our Closest Friends.

The sign above his bed.
That's a good kid.

my bathroom mirror is dirtier than their's!


Logan rocks.
He's my brother.
I love him.

I'm slightly obsessed with shadow pictures!
So cool.

And snowflakes, too.
I want to spend all of January
making snowflakes.

I've been suffering some serious
post-Christmas blues.
And what's to celebrate in January?
Snow. Cold. Dreariness.
My 1/2 birthday.
Some president's b-day.
Oh, help.
We need to spice up this long month.

I could eat Cheerios anytime of day.
NOT the fake stuff.
Apparently, I like to photog it, too.....?

Yesterday was very special.

For this special couple and their children.
My Unlce Kal & Aunt Miki
were sealed to their adopted baby girl, Shaylee.
Their other three children were there, too,
and it was so beautiful & sweet.
(baby was sleeping, picture to come)

I've been to the Mormon Miracle Pageant
here before on the hillside
but this was the first time I got to go inside the temple.
Love the old-fashioned-ness.

Sage & Mia & Karter

Great Grandpa & Mia

I just Love the stuff
Wyatt brings home from school.

And because it snowed today
and is supposed to stay freezing.....


Dec 2006

A picture I didn't get around to posting
for the Bugg countdown.

And PPS:
I really wanted cookies today but didn't want to make them.
Then I remembered I had frozen cookie dough balls.
So I baked them.
And burned them.
And ate a LOT of them anyway.

Monday, December 27


A glimpse into our December.......

Grandpa the donkey, Ashtyn the stiff Mary trying not to fall off,
and a snoozing Joseph

Mia (16 months) at the family Christmas party 2005

Ella (18 mos) at the family Christmas party 2010

I made approximately 3 zillion cookies.
Some were perfect, others like this one, were NOT.
PS: hard candies are beautiful in sugar cookies but do not taste good together.

Christmas light spotting around town
We gave a prize to the best one

The Hunk & I tossed the football
out front one night

LOTS of crafting.

a Mama-Daughter-Bugg date

an old-fashioned Christmas at
This is the Place
It is still going and it's beautiful.
Especially the live nativity,
including shepherds herding sheep in the field.

Mia & cousin Kari doing the printing press

We made toffee for the first time.
Hello, YUM.
And thanks to us, our neighbor found out
he's allergic to walnuts.
(so sorry!)

And after all that snow,
I'm still waiting for the temps to stay below freezing
so I can hang my ice wreaths.

The Hunk rigged up a box
to charge the new glow-in-the-dark


And to all a Good NITE!