Thursday, March 27

just me

Fall 2013 ~ Battle Creek Falls hike
Right now, I'm......

~ craving some chocolate, wishing there was a baked goodie somewhere.  But alas, I ate the 5 hidden cookies yesterday.
~ tired from another pitiful night's sleep.  Mia is sick and has a horribly itchy rash.
~ loving my new bright blonde hair.  The Hunk reminded me recently that I was blonde when we met and that he really liked it.  So I obliged. 
~ hearing an almost 2 year old Adeline NOT taking her nap.  Please don't outgrow those naps yet!  But Mia & Ella were 2 1/2 when they were done.
~ wondering what's for dinner tonight?  Or even if it's important.  Cereal?  Yay!
~ thankful for my husband's new-ish job that he is enjoying.  After a bout of unemployment, it's more like amazingly grateful!!!
~ ridiculously giddy that Season 3 of "Call the Midwife" starts soon.  I've spent absurd amounts of time watching it on my laptop in bed at insane hours.  It's THAT good!
~ mad that this laptop is missing 13 keys ripped off by curious little hands.  This is taking forever to type!!
~ missing my California old school friends and their laughs.  Reunion in our future, girls?
~  thinking that if Spring keeps playing PeekABoo, then I'm going to paint a sun on my ceiling.  I'm ready for adventures on some hikes with the girls.
~ wishing for more time to read.  I couldn't get into The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin so I dropped it.  I'm on The Women in Lincoln's Life by H. Donald Winkler.  So interesting!  And I just finished Visions of Glory by John Pontius and Jane Goodall's autobiography Reason for Hope.  The latter being truly inspirational, the former being life-changing!
~ proclaiming myself a Bird Nerd.  I have oodles of pictures of different birds on my camera and have loved thumbing through the new field guide to match their identities.  Followed a flying egret trying to get closer pics yesterday.  So beautiful & fun!
~ hearing peace from Adeline's room - YES!
~ looking forward to the weekend.  Bugg has a professional photo shoot for a special needs project, hooking up with my BFF, and of course, the LDS Women's Broadcast which Mia is able to attend now.


Monday, March 10

a good dose of Bugg

You're totally welcome!

Sunday, March 9

holding on

 Gosh, look at the cobwebs in this place!!
So sorry for skipping out......yet again.
But I was in the middle of a nightmare.
It's called Twenty-Thirteen.......dun, dun, DUUUUUUUNNNN.

So so many hard things happened to us.
I won't explain.
Except to say that one of the worst things I've ever done was to vacate my precious space on the web.
I love this blog! 
Documenting my blessings and sharing them is ooey gooey goodness for my soul,
 not to mention it's family history.
Life is still rocky but we're holding on and I'm determined to dwell here more often.
{{clinking glasses}}
And I know you've missed the Bugg like mad.

I love this.
Except that my Hunk is missing.
He took this awesome picture.
Okay, so are you still here, friends?
Still reading the Bugg's blog?
GOOD!  'Cause I've much to share with you!