Friday, January 28

He's perfect.

How could I have a bad day
with this sweet boy in my midst?

So smiley, so joyful,
so perfect, so patient.
Ssssooooo patient with his mama.
His mama is sometimes impatient.
And sad.
And does have bad days.
And gets discouraged about living the "special" life.

How could she be?
When this Bugg always has a giggle
and an excited expression.
Pure love & light in his eyes.
Enthusiasm for life.

He knows she's learning.
And she's trying.
And she sure loves that Bugg.

Thursday, January 27

celebrate today by tying a ribbon in your hair

"Celebration is not the wardrobe of life,
but it is the ribbon in the hair,
the string of pearls,
the flowers on the table,
the grace notes that make the whole a delight."
~Jaroldeen Asplund Edwards~

Wednesday, January 26

pizza week at preschool

I love opening Wyskii's backpack when he comes
off the bus.
There's always such fun art projects inside.
This week is all about pizza.
Isn't that a cute lil' pizza that Miss Britt helped
him make?!
Plus we get free crazy bread from Little Caesar's.
The pizza man came into the class today
and Bugg tried some sauce.
Did you know that I make pizza every Friday night?
It's pizza & a movie night and we LOVE it.
But Buggy never eats the pizza.....that whole texture thing.
So he gets leftovers or soup.
And snuggles up with us during the movie.
Try it this weekend:
pizza + movie night!
it EQUALS.......
family memories and fun.

Sunday, January 23

smackin' hot/cold weekend

It was a bit of both this weekend.
And really fun.

But first.....

we're upping the love factor
at the love shack.
These crayon hearts are mega fun
& festive to make.

Anything that involves color & sun,
that's where it's at.

Including hair.
Good-bye roots, it's time for a change.....

...hello, brown & bangs.
hmmmm, still not sure about it.

The mister & I had a hot date
to see Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband.
(You may recognize the song, "Dream Big.")
They're one of the few bands
that the both of us love.
I rocked out my pin-curled curls to
just waves.

And in true BYU-fashion,
there was an on-the-spot proposal
in the audience.
She accepted.
Look at Shupe's lil' boy on the violin!
The encore was "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."
Some crazy Y-kids started a congo line.
It was a red hot lip-smackin'date with my Hunk.

We took the weekend celebration
to the mountains
for chili & sledding with friends.

Bugg was so super snugg
in the Buggy Bag.
It was really cold
but we were all sweatin' from the sleddin'.
(poem by the Hunk)

mouth full o' cookie
And now I leave you with
the play-by-play of the

He didn't like it.

Saturday, January 22

Happy Birthday!

It has been one year since I started
blogging at
The Bugg's Special Life.
I have loved it.
Today - oh, the fun we had!
I hope I am helping Bugg to sing his song.
Thank you to all of you
that have joined us here.
I love your comments and have thrilled
at meeting & blogging & emailing with
so many of you.

Friday, January 21

a weekend note

Have a red hot smackin' weekend!
The love Bugg & family are going to
decorate the love shack!
sssssssooooo exciting!

Wednesday, January 19

joyful ramblings

Why does a simple little palmful
of cookie bring me such happiness?
Because it's good.
It's pretty.
And you don't need a fork.
These are my new favorite cookies.
They're called Black Gold cookies
and I'm so sorry, but I cannot find the
recipe online.
I got it from the book
"Death by Chocolate Cookies."
Check your library.
edit! The recipe can be found at
That's My Home.
(thank you, Sandie)

And JUST so you know,
while I bake a TON of cookies,
we like to pass them on
and share the sugar.
These were lovingly sent to
lil' brother away at college.
"Life itself is the proper binge,"
said Julia Child.

And then my friend, Christy,
brought these banana choco-chip cookies
all packaged cute.
I love my friends!

Bugg just tickles me to the hilt.
He sits up all big-boy like
and then gets the giggles
as he teeters back & forth.....

back & forth...

and wheeeeee!
He loves this game so much.
I'm so proud of my boy!

Bugg LOVES preschool.
He LOVES his teachers.
They love him, too.
Can you see the love
between Bugg & Miss Rachael?

If only these preschool days
could last forever.

Do I really need to say
anything about this picture?!!

Our little big girl
is quite the mommy now.
Cuddling her "bebe"
in a "bainty."

Like draining the color from the pic
is really going to cover up my
messy room!

I have discovered Edamame.
In other words, soy beans.
They are actually fun and delicious
to eat.
As in, I just stood there at the counter
popping them one right after the other.
Yes, new favorite snack
to balance out the cookies.

I finished this glorious book.
And now I'm sending it off to Becky.
And then she will send it to Becki,
my mom.
And then who is next?
I'm telling you, friends,
you want to read this!
Let me know.

The last word of the book: