Wednesday, June 29

those lazy summer days

I have really loved this warm month of June.
Well, except for that little Appendicitis thing.
It has been so easy-going and relaxed,
with just a touch of busy work like
swim lessons & youth conference.

We've just kind of grown into a lazy routine.
After breakfast & jobs, we mosey out on the front lawn.
Our little tree that we planted last year
just ain't cuttin' it,
as far as providing any shade.
So up the umbrella goes.
We lounge on a blanket and read books.
Pretty soon kids start coming over to join us.

We eat.
I blog.
Read some more.
Make lists.
Take pictures (always!).
It is so nice.
Until it gets too blasted hot
and we have to come in.

But pre-dinnertime finds us back outside.
We have great shade in the late afternoons.
Perfect for hoola-hooping,
pudding pop lickin',
and the like.

Speaking of the HUNK,
he just got hunkIER....

No braces.
Ta Da!

Pizza & a Movie night
has moved outside.
Tastes a lot better,
especially when it's cooked on the grill.
And you don't have to heat up your house!

Ella has been in her plain ol'
diaper about 75 percent of summer.
Is that so embarrassing?
I surprise myself, though:
I just. don't. care.
Plus, it's so CUTE!

The Hunk up & decided to
decorate the garage walls one day.
Excellent choice of design!

I got to hang out with my friend, Amy,
one night in Salt Lake.
We've been friends since 2nd grade!
We strolled around downtown and found.....

a crazy cool Sidewalk Chalk Festival!

...and the amazing Olympic splash pad
at the Gateway mall.
This has just been added to the summer wish list
with my kids.
A surprise bump-in with Miss Britt (twice)!
We miss her tons!

one of Ella's bubbles floating through

so cute.

They tried to get the snake
to eat the spider. Didn't work.
While we've been finding lots to do
close to home,
this next month will bring many adventures.
Can't wait!
The balancing act, you know?
Lazy here,
adventurous there!
Actually, Brian & I got to go to
Youth Conference this past weekend.
'Twas adventurous indeed!
We were team leaders for our group.

Why again, Lover, do you insist on
these cheap velcro shoes from Walmart?!
I love you.

That's me on the zip line
at beautiful Aspen Lakes.
We had a blast!

Enjoy the rest of June!
And those beautiful summer sunsets.

Monday, June 27

a conversation with you

Bugg fans (that's you guys): So, Bree, where ya been?
It's been almost 3 weeks!
We want to see some Bugg!!!!

Bree: uuuuuuh, who me?

Bugg fans: Yes, YOU! The one that takes photos of every second of every day
and blogs about the cutest kids in the world!!!!!

Bree: I, um, have been.....busy, I guess?
errrrrrrr.....kind of.....more like lazy.

Bugg fans: What do you mean 'busy'?

Bree: Actually, friends, I just haven't been
in the blogging mood.
I've still been taking tons of pictures, though.

Bugg fans: {{scold}}
That is a bad excuse.
We've been waiting & checking to see that cute Bugg
pop up on our screens!
We're having withdrawls!
You need to feed us some Buggy
to perk up our days and......
maybe a cookie post would be nice, too?

Bree: Okay, I'm really sorry, guys.
Here you go.........

Bugg fans: {{sigh of relief}}
Thank you!
Now, Bree, keep it up, will you?
Quit leaving us hanging!

Bree: You got it!
I will post more.
I have missed you all!

Tuesday, June 14

Ella Rose turns two

We celebrated this Sweet'ems
that came to us 2 short years ago.
What a joy she is!
Ella tries to blow out the candles
on her breakfast cake - two fancy toothpicks

I guess you could say
that Ella is spunky.
Big personalitied.
That's her.
Since Day 9 of her life.

I remember the day
she went from an adorable peaceful newborn
to an adorable high-maintenance screamer of a darling.
But alas,
her firey wit has shaped her into a
down-right awesome, hilarious, charmer toddler girl.

Playing Hide N Seek......"one, two, free"

We adore her emphatically.

She loves tea parties.
Which is what we did for her Birthday Eve.
Birthday Eves are practically as important as
the BirthDAY itself, you know!

And had a campfire dinner
in the canyon
with G&G.

On the phone receiving
birthday wishes from family.

The day of:
a celebration at the Splash Pad!

She wasn't quite as brave
as last year.

And we partied at the carnival, too!

One of my better photos, eh?

Topped off with carnival
cupcakes at G&G's.

So her birthday crown:
since she was turning 2,
I went with the whole "Noah's Ark" theme.
The animals entered the ark two by two.
Hence, the giraffe fabric, zebra tie in the back,
and animal stickers.
And then there was the carnival party
so I added a ferris wheel and carousel horse sticker
to the mix.
FAB, right?
These birthday crowns are going to be used year-round
for dress-up, special days, and just 'cause.
('cause Mommy likes to spend hours scheming the
perfect concoction for a crown -
perusing the sticker isle, cutting fabric & gluing tediously,
just imaging my birthday child's expression when they first
set eyes on it on their BIRTHDAY!)

And PS:

You may be shocked to find out
that my children have never had a birthday party
outside of family get togethers.
It's true.
I just love the simple special quaint celebrations.
But this is Mia's year.
We've already begun the planning.
Oh, oh, OH, the fun that lies ahead
for her #7!!!!
You'll be seeing these umbrellas again
in the near summer future.

My little Sweet'ems.