Wednesday, May 26

Celebrating Life, lesson one

On our way to Shriner's
in the big city for therapy......
I discovered something that made
my heart go pitter-patter.

Bugg gets a good stretch to help with his posture
Which brings us to Lesson One
in a Celebrating Life series:
When you come upon a

Not only did they have
every delectable pastry
under the moon
(I was too scared to ask to take a pic!),
but they had all sorts of treasures.
We picked up a couple things
for this babe's 1st birthday.
Coming very soon.
Actually, Bugg kicks off birthday season
for our whole lil' family.
Summer is the greatest!

If you have no reason to celebrate,
just celebrate LIFE then!

Monday, May 24

Just another Monday in May

Snow in May.
Just your typical May weather.


My flowers wait for the storm to pass.

Muffins on Mondays.
We call it Muffin-y Monday.
Oh, if you only knew
my breakfast schedule,
you'd want to admit me.


Music therapy.
The weeeeeiiiiirdest music.
It's special for those with imbalanced
nervous systems.
Bugg likes it.

I stayed in grubbies
all day today.
But I did put on earrings.
Star ones,
can you see?

Before I say nighty-night,
I'd like to invite all you
mamas out there
to a "Family Traditions" class
that I'm teaching next Thursday eve.

Including how we celebrate
America's Birthday!
one of my faves!
Email me for the details
'n such.

Thursday, May 20

the King celebrates his birthday

Birthdays are magical.
The entire day just feels special & different.
Even the mundane chores are pleasant.
I have perma-smile.

So did he.

Meeskii helps Bugg hunt for his gifts.
I cherish our simple, sweet traditions.
They mean more to me than
huge parties and expensive gifts.
Like when we all went into Bugg's
room in the morning
and sang Happy B-day.
Eating donuts and chocolate milk
for breakfast.
I loved staying up late the night before
to make his crown.
Planning favorite meals.
Hiding presents.
Decorating in & outside
the house on b-day eve.

4 donuts for the 4 year old!

His teacher shares Bugg's day, too!
She got the balloons.
Special Bugg delivery.

Yes, I'd been bawling.
I will post about this soon,
as it was truly unforgettable.

I have wishes for my boy.
Not to walk or talk.
I may have made those wishes
in past years.
Now I have much
bigger wishes than those.
Some are already coming true.
Like having him touch the world!
Thank you, Bugg readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugg got another set of wheels.
Awesome. Awesome.
Oh, the places we'll go with this!

We had wonderful visitors all day.
Grandpas & Grandmas.
Aunts, cousins, friends.
They brought fun gifts.
Thank you!
We were just getting ready to dig
in to Martha's amazing baked ravioli
(Bugg got to use the special red plate),
when the famous & lovely Miss Britt came over.
She brought a sweet sensory gift, too.
And do you know what?
We get to keep her next year!
We found out on his birthday,
what a gift!
It must have been the cookies.
Crazy cool.
Then we took off for some
roller skatin'.

All 5 of us got to roll.

Wyatt's life is a present to me,
to us.
I sometimes wonder about how he & I
ended up together.
And how the Hunk, Meeskii, and Rooskii
are with us, too.
I bet we were friends in heaven
before we came to earth.
We loved each other so much that
we couldn't be apart
so God blessed us to find each other
in this life.
I'm infinitely glad & grateful!

Wednesday, May 19

this kid melts us all

He's 4.
I'm tired and so happy.
It was Bugg's best birthday yet!
I'll share more tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 18

the Eve

Each night of birthday week,
we pop a balloon.
Inside is something for us
to do together to celebrate the Bugg.
Last night, we watched a birthday
DVD that dada made of Wyatt.
(are you loving that name?!)
Tonight was Birthday EVE.
Very special.

(no pics of b-day eve. UNFORTUNATE that
the Hunk takes the camera to his Photog class!)

Meeskii & Bugg & I sat by
candlelight and enjoyed
one of Bugg's favorites - pudding.
And then I told the story
of the night before Wyatt was born.
Sorry, no time
to tell you folks the story.
Because Birthday EVE also
means decking the birthday halls,
wrapping gifts and hiding them,
taking pics of my sleeping 3- almost-
FOUR year old,
and all that stuff that makes me blissful.

taken a few nights before
becoming the big sis
- age 21 mos.
But I will say this:
my girl, Meeskii Darling,
is definitely supposed to be Wyatt's
big sister.
We've been talking a lot lately about
why God made him so special.
I sometimes wonder if she feels
sad that Wyatt has so many
But she gets it.
And she is so good to him.
And so good for me!
I love this girl so much.
Sweet Dreams.
Time for the magic to start.

Monday, May 17

the cherry on top of the wheelchair story

Bugg & his hot wheels made a special debut at his birthday party put on by my parents. They did everything, planned all the details. I didn't know what was going to happen. All the guests had arrived and Bugg was nowhere to be seen!

Watch and weep and just imagine the joy that this special guy's mama & dada felt as we saw our boy bust through the doors and be wheeled around like a king.

Are we so totally blessed?!!! Man, that Bugg is so loved.

Sunday, May 16

a wheelchair story

The idea of putting
my son in a wheelchair
made me sick.
How could I do that to my child?

May 06
When Bugg was first born,
there were about a zillion questions.
Would he walk? Talk? Have health issues?
What?!!! Tell me!
But they couldn't.
No doctor or specialist
could tell us what to expect
from this wee babe
with a severe brain malformation.
Wait & see,
that's all we could do.

When he was 3 months old,
we saw a Neurologist.
She looked at his MRI
taken at birth,
and told me that it didn't look
very good that Bugg would ever walk.
We switched Neuros.
How could she possibly know that?!!!
He's only 3 months old!

We continued along with the therapies.
But at one year,
he still had head control problems,
wasn't sitting up
or pushing up from his belly.
I started to get nervous.
Please, No.
Not a wheelchair.

1st Birthday

At 18 months,
we trucked him around in
a stroller.
He was getting too heavy
to carry everywhere.
Bugg didn't have good support
in the stroller, though.
The idea of a wheelchair
started to sink in.
Plans were made.
And as the day approached,
which just happened to be Bugg's
I felt anticipation.
Excited for his future.
The day came and we
waited, peeking out the window.

We all stood and watched,
as the guy brought in the
shiny new hot wheels
and adjusted here and there.
Making a perfect fit for Bugg.

We went outside,
strolling up & down the street,
celebrating his new hot wheels.
The best birthday present
that our special boy could get.
And now you know his name.
So that's the story of how this......

became THIS.........

The HOT wheels

It's going to be a very good week!
It's the start of Bugg's