Wednesday, February 29

Whatcha' Wanna Know Wednesday

Q: does Bugg go to primary with the other kids his age?

A: Yes, he does & he loves it!
(I should get pictures of him at church!!)

My husband actually answered this question in the comments awhile back.

Originally, I would take Bugg to Primary, then to Elders' Quorum (men's class) with me. He was very loud, so we mostly wandered the halls trying not to bother anyone.

After a time, special helpers were called to assist with Bugg so I could attend my own classes occasionally.

Eventually, we decided to drop him off at Primary alone to see how he did. Now he goes to Primary by himself and even to his class! The teachers and kids don't mind his constant laughing and noises, and they always know where to find us if/when we are needed.

He does very well, and we think he really enjoys it, especially music time! I do find myself staying with him sometimes, because I love being with Bugg in Primary.

I don't know why it took us so long to just let go of him at church.
But our primary president really encouraged us to have him attend with his class.
I love seeing how included he is, it is so so sweet.
The kids come sit by him.
And he gets called on to come up to the front to help lead a song.
He often gets the giggles and the kids all love it.
Our whole family even did a Sharing Time
in Jr. & Sr. Primary
to let them know all about Wyatt.
We explained how he is different.
We showed them how his hot wheels work.
Explained ways they could include him & talk to him.
And we answered all their questions.
It was beautiful.
Every 6 months or so, I go into his little Sunday School class
and talk to the children about him.
We want to make sure they feel comfortable around him
and that he feels loved by them, too.

Sunday, February 26

a Sunday play-by-play

Today started very early............

3:15am ~ wake up to Bugg babbling & laughing.
I check on him & smile.
Might as well pull the crockpot chicken from the fridge
& turn it on.

6:30am ~ Ella climbs in bed with us & falls asleep.
I get up & check on Bugg.
The kid looks like he's been in the ring with Rocky.
Major bloody nose smeared all over his face!
Poor guy.

7 to 8:45am ~ morning madness to get ready for church.
We are only a couple minutes late - not bad.

Enjoying a treat today
9:15am ~ the Hunk takes Wyatt out of sacrament meeting
because he's fussin'.
9:25 ~ they come back in and Brian's shoulder is covered in blood.

The bloody nose returns.
Brian goes home to change his shirt.

9:35 ~ mega lovely smells coming from Bugg's diaper region.
Ask friend to watch over my girls.
Ella follows me out.
Discover a close-to-exploding messy diaper.
Try & remain cheerful.
Change Bugg in the closed-off overflow of the chapel,
thinking I can get it done real quick.
Discover I've forgotten the wipes.
Track down wipes from a nice person.
Think to myself,
"Should I really have to be changing an almost six year old's diaper?"
Try to see comedy in all this chaos.
This is funny, right?
I love my Bugg so much.
He is such a rascal.
and Where the heck is my husband?!!!
Oh, my gosh,
the smell is leaking out into the halls!

10:00am ~ the Hunk is back in a fresh white shirt.
mess is cleared.
Pray that the smell will dissipate soon,
before the congregation lets out.

10:15 ~ take kids to primary.
waddle around like a 90 year old because of all my contractions.

our treat ~ homemade frosting on grahams
11:15 ~ talk to Bugg's primary class
about his special needs,
and answer their cute questions.
Feel so blessed to have him in our family
and be able to share his awesome specialness with those around us.

12:00 ~ go home to delicious
roast chicken & veggies in the crockpot.
Throw the raised rolls in the oven.
Okay! Something went smoothly!

1:15 pm ~ home teachers come over.
Bugg gets another bloody nose.
What's going on?!!!!

2pm ~ quiet time
Everyone takes a nap.
Sort of.
Ella goes potty by herself & makes a mess
while dumping out her bowl.

3:45 ~ wake up
Need something sweet.
Make homemade chocolate frosting
for graham crackers.
Eat too many.

Bugg's treat soaked in milk
to make it mushy for him to eat

5:00 ~ we go on a short walk
Still too cold.
Long for Spring & flowers.

6:00 ~ play make-believe with the girls.
I'm "Mrs. King," a school teacher.

6:30 ~ Watch Little House on the Prairie.
Start this blog post.

7:15 ~ sing camp songs in Bugg's room.

7:30 ~ Bedtime routine & tuck in

9:00 ~ tuck the rascal-y girls in AGAIN!
Finish this post.

by the way,
he loved his treat!

Wednesday, February 22


Dada & his boy at the car show.

The sweet love notes
we've had up all month around the house.

The adorably cute & weird
sleep positions I find them in.

These sisters are such sneaks.
They decided to have a slumber party
in Bugg's room without my knowledge.
But it really is one of my favorite things,
while peeking in on each one before I go to bed,
to find them like this.

Celebrating Ella's impressive yoga talents.
And that she's potty-trained!
fingers crossed!!

Her new phrase lately:
"last year."
As in,
"I peed in my underoos last year."

Celebrating President's Day!
With a big brunch at my sister's house.
Bugg couldn't quite get a hold on the pose.
He was actually dying laughing, though.

The missing one:
Hudson, aka: Huddy Buddy.

Celebrating car seat shopping!
Okay, not really something to celebrate.
Especially with 3 children in tow.
None of which are behaving.
Even Wyatt!
He just wanted to be held.
Plus, buying two car seats in one shot
can be kinda painful to pay for!
and mind you,
one of those car seats has to accommodate
a very special growing boy with a 5 point harness.
Tricky, I tell you.

But here is where we really celebrate!!!
We decided to call the home healthcare people
to see if they had any options for us.
Wyatt's insurance will cover a car seat.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!say what????!!!!!!
They offer the Britax Traveler.
That Bugg is so blessed.

It has been one mild heck of a winter.
While still cold,
it hasn't been too cold too handle.
And today was just beautiful.
So we celebrated and took to the driveway
with some potato-print painting.

The wind smacked her painting right into her nose!

And celebrating a special boy
and his special life.
Caleb's funeral was just beautiful.
As I sat there with Erin,
tears streaming my cheeks listening to Caleb's sweet
parents & brothers talk about their little Wink,
I felt so grateful to be a part of this special life.
Having Wyatt in our lives has given us such unique
opportunities to know great, GREAT, truly neat people.
Like the Moody's.
The love & joy that they have for Caleb,
and for life,
is so inspiring.
I left the funeral completely filled
and grateful to a loving Father in Heaven
for His perfect Plan of Happiness.
Families are forever!
I feel more motivated to love deeper
and cherish this life ~
unique challenges and all.
To have more gratitude.
To celebrate.

Wednesday, February 15

Whatcha' Wanna Know Wednesday: a name?

Q: Do you have a name picked out for your baby?
When is your due date?

A: Yes!
I have a name.
The Hunk has a name.
But, it is not the same name!
In other words,
we'll all just have to wait & see how this works out.
For now, I call her Gem.

The third trimester!
I made it!
I'm so huge already.
This is where time really flies.
Lots to do yet.
And still a bigger belly to grow?

My toes have disappeared.
I'm up 25 pounds.
Belly button threatens to become an outie.
Bending is awkward & contraction-causing
and so I rely on my TV infomercial gopher grabber (from Walgreens).
The gem in my stomach can
do amazing things.
Like jump. Jab. Jive. At all times of the day & night.

I got to have another ultrasound last week.
Just for giggles.
In 3-D even!
The tech & the doctor both asked if I'd
been tested for gestational diabetes.
I hadn't.
They said that my baby was fat.
3.3 lbs is fat?!!
Baby is just measuring big and ahead of schedule.
But the due date will remain the same:
the first part of May.
I got tested & am just dandy.
Good thing that test was before Valentine's Day, eh?

I am super duper eager to meet our baby girl.
Another girl!
It's so perfect.
Three girls & a Bugg.
I love it.

treats, treats, red & pink

Every holiday is my favorite.
But Valentine's Day?
Well, it just may be THE favorite.
(But ya never know,
St. Pat's is just around the corner.)

The prep is always my favorite part
of any holiday.
Bugg totally dug these homemade suckers.
No chewing involved, great flavor.
Perfect treat for him.

A cookie exchange party
honoring a very special
friend that is moving away soon.
My freezer is full of cookies!

Martha's Chocolate Ice Cream sandwiches
with strawberry ice cream

Treats, treats, treats galore!
To share, to keep, to gift.

The prep that gets me real giddy?
Making Valentines!

We helped Mia make these fortune teller
Valentines for her classmates.

We were so lucky to have my sister, Kylee,
spend a couple days with us.
We went heart-attacking.
Cover a neighbor's door with hearts,
ditch cookies on their step
and RUN.

After children were finally asleep,
Ky & I spread the lovey magic.
Slyly giving cupid tattoo kisses on cheeks,
scattering chocolate kisses everywhere,
hanging lights & heart doilies,
setting the breakfast table just right,
and getting to bed way late.
So much fun!

The highlight of the holiday.
Just as I knew growing up.
Coming out to see the candlelit table all decorated
and special
with Valentines from my parents by our plate.

Bugg got a chocolate heart on his oatmeal.
The rest of us enjoyed red crepes.
And lots of sugary love, too!

The sweetest Valentine from Auntie KyKy.

Target had pink strawberry straws
for our milk!

A Valentine for our little

I made these sweet little pillows.
They'll be fun to keep on the kids' beds
and tuck in notes for them to find.

I don't give Wyatt hardly any sugar.
He is so happy & content with his
But I did pack a red jello in his lunch.
Lucky kid.

I got a note back from him!

We had a picnic dinner with
mini heart pizzas.
I love love love these sweet people so much!

Hope you felt extra loved on the Day of Love!