Tuesday, September 6

babies, babies

My sister, Brooke, had
Baby Hudson last week.

And if I had to choose a new day job,
this is what it would be:

Capturing the wonder of
newborn babies in a trillion pictures.

big sister, Ashtyn
I also got to meet my niece,
Monica's, sweet almost 2 month old,

Cousins are smitten.
Oh, babies, babies.

My first baby.
Taking on mothering roles.

My middle baby.
Such a big boy,
but always my baby will be.

And my baby-baby.
Full of sass & comedic attitude.
Not so much a baby anymore.

And, I declare!
2 of my sister-in-laws have announced pregnancies, TOO!
'Tis the season, baby.

The Hunk tells family our
special news.

And now, on with that bittersweet first trimester.
I've donned the seabands, crackers are bedside,
the qweezies are ever-present although MUCH
more easy-going this time around,
Whattoexpect.com fills my inbox,
dreams of a fluffy joyful bundle in my arms
fills my thoughts.
Thank you all for your congratulatory blessings!
I'm so excited to share this adventure with you.

Friday, September 2

a souvenir

This year at Bear-A-Dise
really was better than ever!

We brought back a little souvenir
which we'll celebrate the arrival of this Spring!
BABY #4!!!!!!!!!!!
We are STOKED!