Monday, June 29

our crew

Ella {6}, Bugg {9}, Mia {10}, Adeline {3}

Sunday, June 28

hi, hello, & forgive this girl

Echo!  Echo!  ECHO!
Gee, it's been quite some time since we last visited
in this sacred space of mine.
I think about my blog often, I never meant to disappear.
But I see from my stats that people still swing by often.  
I'm impressed with the persistency!  You'll be rewarded 'cause like, 
Here I Am!
A few silly photos:
birds ~ I'm like freaking obsessed with birds of prey.
And my heart sunglasses.
And clouds.  I'd like a whole wall gallery of clouds.
So, may I ask.....who's here reading?  Give me a shout!