Sunday, March 14

the Buggy awesome, I'm telling you!

One of Bugg's "special-isms"
is that he has reaaaaaaally
bad circulation.
He doesn't use
his legs and
his legs & feet

Especially on these
cold days in Utah
when we get
him on & off
the bus.
I always have
the space heater
or heating pad
ready to warm him up.

Oh, we've tried blankets,
extra socks,
wool-lined boots....
but the poor boy is
just cold to the bone.

Can you even imagine
my total bliss
when I discovered
the Buggy Bag?
OBviously, the name
caught my attention.

This is, hands down
a very inspired
and GENIUS product.

A waterproof, fleece-lined
bag for the Bugg
that attaches right
to his chair!!!!

The Bugg is so snug.
The buggy bag works
for child wheelchairs,
and comes in adult
wheelchair sizes, too.
There's many other
products offered to
keep the wee ones toasty.

I love how Bugg can be
tucked in up to his chin,
or just to his waist,
depending on the chill factor.
There's lots of leg room,
it's machine washable,
has reflective tape
for visibility
and gosh, it says
BUGG on it.

This was so meant to be.
My boy is so cozy now.
I am grateful beyond
to have found this
and made a new friend, too.
You've got to check out Leslie's
and refer others
to this truly awesome product.
There is love and a guarantee
behind it, she told me.
And I completely see that.
A most heartfelt thanks to you,
dearest Leslie!


  1. YAY!! for a bug who's snug in a rug (or bag)

  2. Did you notice that it's Canadian made? No wonder it's genius!

  3. What a great product! That sounds like it is perfect for him. He looks so cute in his bus pictures. What a happy boy. I'm so glad he is full of joy. We often don't see those kids of smiles around our house. What a blessing. I know Buggs care involves quite a bit, so I am sure every smile and love is a welcome reward. Well done! I'll check out her site.

  4. Oh thank you, thank you for posting this. Jax has horrible circulation from his heart, and he doesn't control his temperature from his brain injury. And his piggies are always freezing! I'm definitely going to get him one of these. I just wished I heard about it at the beginning of winter, well we'll be ready for next year!

  5. That picture of him getting into the bug is SO cute!!

  6. I came across your blog when I was visiting a friends blog, and it totally made my day. You have a beautiful family and your little boy is precious, what a sweet face! I was having a bad day when I started to read your blog, and then I left feeling inspired, uplifted and happy. So, thank you, and I wish you and your family all the best!!! Especially your little Bugg:)

  7. Bree! My Step mother made one of those for my Zach! Its made of fleece and they have sewn it so that its basically triple layered.

    Its the best thing that Zach got for Christmas last year!

  8. That is awesome, I wish I knew my store sold battery powered socks for just that. I am glad you found just a great product.

  9. Awesome product and he looks so comfy in it! I'm stopping in from Jaxson's blog to say hello. I must say you do indeed have a beautiful family and such a cute little boy!

  10. I just commented as my husband Dallan-- oops :) Thanks for sharing your great find!

  11. Sheesh, maybe not :) I guess I signed back in as me :) Love all the sweet pics of your little love bugg!!

  12. Thanks for sharing all the positive feedback about the Buggy Bag you guys! I've been getting so frustrated trying to get this thing out to people like Bugg, that it's really encouraging to hear the feedback.
    This is a truly beautiful family and a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing "the Buggs Life" with us!

  13. Hey girl I saw this when I was looking back at your St Paddy's ideas. Do you care if I share that pic of Bugg on kidz along with the link to the buggy bag? Too cute! I am totally getting this for Miss Chloe!


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