Tuesday, May 31

lessons on celebrating life

It is springtime!
Craft a flower wreath with all those buds.
It is especially nice to brighten up your sick child (strep).

Tuesday, May 24

pinkies up

My mother is truly wonderful.
She is one of my favorite people to celebrate.
Each year around Mother's Day,
my sisters & I plan a special lunch in her honor.
Some years we go out,
some we stay home.
But it is always extra-ordinary and special.
This year,
we had a tea party!
My ma, her ma, prego sister Brooke, cousin Ashtyn,
Mia, Bugg & Ella rascals, me, and sister Kylee

We partied under a canopy thing with tulle
and tissue pom-poms.
tea sandwiches (egg salad & cucumber)
Lemon scones with raspberry jam
Pasta salad
veg plate
cream puffs
fruit tarts

raspberry lemonade "tea"

Ella prepares for the blessing

Bugg's thought bubble:
"Tea parties are for girls!"

Bugg - such the trooper.

Sunday, May 22

celebrating the Bugg

It is crazy to think that just five years ago, a sweet eight-pound baby bugg was born. His entrance into our lives was one of such joy, uncertainty, confusion, love and wonder. I was amazed at the miracle I held in my arms, and also overwhelmed at what the future held. He didn't have a diagnosis but we knew that something was very wrong with his brain. And while I'd like to just say that I carried on as if I knew nothing, I was crushed.

I wish I could have my present (much wiser) self go back to that day. Back to that birthing room. Back to that 26 year old helpless and hurting mama.

I'd say to her, "This boy is going to change your life for the better. He is going to show you joy you've never experienced. He will teach you. He will love you. He will show you what this life is really about. He is going to touch a million zillion other people, too. All this, without perhaps ever speaking a word. Press on, sister, you are in for a joyful ride!"

......or something like that......

Well, great, now that I'm bawling................

So our Bugg turned five.
His homemade crown:
They have hi 5 buttons at WalMart!
And hi 5 fabric & bug stickers at JoAnn's!
In preparation for his day,
we planted some magical birthday seeds.
It only took 3 days to grow!

These cookies were the magical product!

On birthday Eve,
we sat around by candlelight
and talked about
Bugg's birth and looked at pictures.
It was so special
and my heart was bursting with gratitude for the
truly perfect spirit that God sent to our family.

Oatmeal for him,
donuts for the rest of us.
Then we left to Bugg's preschool graduation.

Bugg performed ABC's,
recited The Hungry Caterpillar,
and sang the Bear Hunt
with smiles and precision with the help of Miss Britt.

Yes, a haircut for Mia!
If you remember,
we weren't even going to send Wyatt to preschool.
But we decided to and I'll be forever grateful!
The experiences we've had the past two years are
absolute treasures.
He has learned so much.
Maybe he still can't write his name or speak or walk.....
but he has come a long way.
He's sitting and standing!
He is so much more attentive, interactive,
and his babbling has increased to more syllables.

I learned that there are some very, VERY
awesome people in this world that could see
the potential in our special boy.
And that indeed,
they could love Bugg so much,
that they shout from the rooftops when he does something new.
His teacher, Miss Rachael,
has such amazing optimism and joy in her job.
She would send me emails and video clips of Wyatt at school,
doing cute & silly & new things.
She worked with him a lot.

And Miss Britt,
Wyatt's adored one-on-one.
Remember how we fought for her?
She has so tenderly been by his side to
help & play with him,
do therapies and art projects,
make him giggle and get a full experience from school.

All these angels loved Bugg.
They are my friends.
I will miss them so much!
Basically, preschool graduation was called
Bawlfest 2011!

My ma & Brian's parents came, too!

Wyatt's new set of wheels!
The cozy coop is awesome
because it has a foot rest.
That way we can wheel Bugg around
without his feet dragging.

And, of course, these two
get a kick out of it.
We took to a different set of wheels.......

and went rollerskating!
What a blast!
There's nothin' like flying through the air
pushing Bugg around and around the rink.

Mia rocks the scooter.

love his cool-dude pose

We had originally planned a shindig
in the canyon with family
to celebrate Bugg's Hi 5.
But you all know how wet & cold it's been.
So we had a humble lil' party at home
with some uncles & friends.
The cake was delicious
and easy on Bugg's picky chomps.

crepe paper "5"

Bugg was falling asleep during the party.
It had been an eventful day.
So I gave his gnawed, blistered sweet hand a High 5
and tucked my big boy
five year old into bed.
I am surely loving this joyful ride!

Thursday, May 19

Give Bugg a High 5

Today was so special.
It was Bugg's birthday.
His HIGH FIVE birthday!

Graduating preschool,
waffles with the grandparents,
taking a ride in some new wheels,
cookies & cake........
it was a really great day.
I'll tell you all about it really soon!
In the meantime,
leave Bugg a High 5 (comment)!

Monday, May 16

his favorite kind of occupational therapy

The mess drives all of us crazy.
But it is so worth it.
Especially his laugh,
he goes nuts!
I'll be finding dried beans for days
and laughing at how Ella was trying to pick
off beans from her feet.
So worth it!