Sunday, March 25

at the temple

Sundays.....a day of rest,
& spiritual upliftment, right?
Yeah, sometimes.
Today, I felt frazzled & frustrated.
My soul yearned for comfort.
And then I ended up with the 2 youngest
on my own in the afternoon.
Needing some solace & cheer,
I buckled them in & we drove to the temple.

Maybe it wasn't the wisest thing to do:
my very pregnant (dilated!) self lugging
the big Bugg around.
I just needed a quick visit,
if only to sit on the grass and gaze.
But I did just bring the stroller,
instead of his hot wheels,
if that makes you feel better, Mom.

I haven't done pin curls
in forever!

For kicks,
here's a family picture
in front of this same fountain........

Chubby baby Bugg ~ 3 months
Mia ~ barely 2

And again in 2008......

Monday, March 12

showered with love

Brian is the eighth of TEN siblings.
8 boys & 2 girls.
Have I mentioned that?
Pretty amazing, huh?
Also amazing: 5 of those siblings including
his parents live near us.
Turn that amazing into durn incredible:
3 of us are expecting babies within in 2.5 weeks of each other!!!!
(totally unplanned)

And let's make that durn incredible become
ecstatically super coolio awesome:
we are all having girls!!!!!

Our sweet ma-in-law and sis-in-laws
put on a baby shower at my house for the 3 of us
over the weekend and invited all the ladies
in our big extended family
plus my mom & sisters (who also live super close!)
to come celebrate.
Spring, new babies, good food & family!
I felt so loved!
They did such a sweet job on all the details.
Baby shower food is my favorite.

And the funny little games?

Mia, my grown up darling, got to
come, too.
She was my photographer while
we opened presents.

It's like triplets!
Our babies got so many identical outfits!
And diapers.
And little booties.
And all things wonderfully girly.

Em, Bree, Rachel

Auntie Em is due first, & Rachel & I are due on the same day!
Such a blast!
We are all giddy about our babies that we get to meet so {sorta} soon!

Sunday, March 11

snow & rainbows

We've gotten precious little snow
this Winter.
But last week?

We've been waiting for one good sledding trip.
Good timing, too, because it may be the last
one of the season since Spring is warming things up.

American Fork Canyon had the perfect hill.
I was so wanting to fly down, too.
But this gem of mine preferred to not be born just yet.

It was cooooooooold.
Thank goodness for the Buggy Bag.
There was even a couple people ice fishing.
And some awesome teens who took a swim.
Great entertainment.

The play-by-play:
sledding with Ella Rose.
Sorry, I don't have the GoPro video for you.

So now we can check sledding trip off our list.
There's still a whoooole lot to do before baby comes.
Is it not so completely exciting preparing for a new baby?!!
We've all been in the nesting phase around here.
We've turned the whole house upside down doing room swaps
to make room for baby.

Mia & Ella are getting a rainbow room!

With clouds!
Aren't they sweet?
One of the most fun projects ever.

One of them has raindrops!
The rainbow room is transforming into
a magical little corner of our home.
I'll share when we're finished.
Also painting the nursery pink & red,
trying to keep these contractions calm,
washing all the baby goodies,
deciding which flowers to plant,
crafting more rainbows of sorts,
really really trying to calm these contractions!

Cheers to the new week!