Saturday, February 27

secret message 2 U from Bugg

Perhaps there would be less "casualties" to the message if a blow-dryer was used.
But this way was much more fun.

Friday, February 26

getting groceries with the twins

I'm pretty adventurous.
I don't let the wheelchair hold me back,
so I try to not let it keep us from going & doing.
BUT, grocery shopping is something that is physically HARD
with the twins.
Ya know - Bugg in his wheels and Rooskii, my baby.
I do my shoppin'
However, just a few things were needed
and I'm gonna do it,
durn it!

So, here we go.

Occasionally, we go shopping
but Meeskii is there to help push
a babe. Alas, she is at school.
Oh, sweet!
I really love it
when those dear, delicious
avocados are on

So things are going okay.
A bit tricky to figure out
how to manage pushing/pulling
grocery cart & Bugg's wheels.
But okay.

Am I a total nerd
to be snap-shotting in the market?
I love it!
And I love my lil' camera remote.

I did it! WE did it!
They were both so perfect
& patient with me
as I tried maneuvering
our train down the aisles.
Happy Friday, friends.
I'm feeling rock-starish.

Wednesday, February 24

hide 'n seek

This is one of our
favorite family
Hide the babies.
So Hunk & I
take turns
hiding the

he is such a
Just waiting
patiently under
the bed
til somebody
finds him.

And Rooskii.
Well, she often
gives herself
away with

Monday, February 22

pancakes & the Children's hospital

this is a re-post from 2/23/09

I LOVE this special place ~ the Children's Hospital. Recently, Bugg had another appointment there and it's about time I document this wonderful abode.

Way back in my very young days, our primary Sunday School collected our pennies to donate here. "Pennies by the Inch" was the program. Little did I know just how dear this hospital would be to our family and to our boy.....and to so many other super special children that we've met along the way.

We have seen every doctor here and had every test done POSSIBLE. They have all been so wonderful and informative, despite not being able to diagnose Bugg. The nurses are so happy and cheerful - they even blow bubbles for him while he's getting blood work done. On this particular day, we were here for a routine follow-up with his neurologist. Bugg's favorite part about doctor visits is the white paper he gets to lay on. He literally is laughing so hard, that we have to talk over him! The crinkling of the paper just makes him hysterical. I really don't mind these appointments! He is so happy to be here.

The feel of the Children's hospital is just happy & awesome! A lot of it has to do with all of the millions of children's artwork they have all over. And the larger areas are painted with huge murals. One time I was here, it was a particularly bad day and I was bawlin' in the halls. A man came up to me and said something like, "whatever it is, it will be okay. My son is here, too. This place is the best." The parents here just know & understand each other, even though their children have such different issues. I LOVE this place.

We feel very blessed to be able to live near such an awesome hospital. This little guy is receiving the greatest of GREAT care and attention. Only the best for the cutest Bugg in the world.

It's always a treat to get ice cream in their cute little cafe afterward.

So what do pancakes & the Childern's hospital have in common? TOMORROW is a National Pancake Day Celebration at IHOP to raise money for the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know what that means? A FREE short stack of pancakes! Wa-blessed-HOOOOOO!!!! We do this every year and it especially means an extra lot to us. This is a NATIONAL celebration - your IHOP will donate to the local children's hospital. Isn't that just oh, so very special?! Details are right here. CHEERS as we all grub out on pancakes tomorrow!

Edit: this is an annual thing! Who is down for pancakes tomorrow?

it's Monday

and a Muffin-y Monday,
at that!

How do you
like your

Maybe with some

Or how about with
some yogurt?
Right on top.
Like Bugg likes
his muffin.

It's also a sick Monday.
Bugg isn't too sick.
But just sick
enough to
stay home from

We'll just cuddle
on the big bed.
And stare at the fan.
'Cause that's what
makes Bugg
pretty much
laugh his
head off.
For some reason.

Sunday, February 21

boy toys

Who says
Daddy can't
still have some
big boy
fun with

Thursday, February 18

that blessed hour

A most hallowed time of day,

With Meeskii at school
and babes tucked away,
there's always
that question:
now what?
Do I clean?

Such a sacred time
must be spent
veeeeery carefully.
And so....

I usually end up
treating myself to a
good read
and chocolate.

Of course,
the blow
is softened
wake up
It is so nice
to be

What do you do
during that
blessed hour?

I'm so curious!

Wednesday, February 17

lunch HIS way

Lunch for today:
sandwich & veggies

the good stuff, y'know?
1/2 white 'n 1/2 wheat bread,
turkey, cheese,
avocados, celery, red peppers,
cream cheese & mustard.
Oh, goodness.

And what do I get?
A huge raspberry from Bugg!

Ah, yes.
He prefers his with
cottage cheese.

Oh, aaaaaaaand he also
has to have it pureed.
Got to keep the boy happy.

work it, work it.
Perhaps I should write
for Pioneer Woman?


The Bugg loves to eat.
Despite having a full set of teeth,
he just won't use them.
So he eats all things
you get it.
And this can be done with
Steak even.
Any new ideas we should try?

Tuesday, February 16

homemade sunshine

Bugg had another seizure.
I mean, DANG!!!!
And there was no sun shinin'
to cheer things up.

It's been almost
a whole YEAR since
he had his last one.
I thought we were
over these things!
And then out of nowhere.
Why? Why? Why.
I didn't have the heart to post about it
so I did that re-post from last year.

There are so many things I don't
understand about the world.
And one of them would be seizures.
And why must he end up in the ER?
And why does he have to throw up
a bunch of times, too?
Especially to a sweet & perfect

and since we had no sun outside,
we had to find it inside.
Which isn't hard.
Look at him.
He recovered okay, obviously.
He isn't yet back to himself.
But smiling, always.


the sun decided to follow Bugg.

glimpses from Love's Own Day

It was very wonderful.
Right up there with b-days
and Christmas.
Lots of love, colors,
THE softest sugar cookies.
How did you all celebrate?!!!!!