Wednesday, August 31

lessons on celebrating life: tea party in the park

Someone once told me,
"I stopped reading your blog
because it made me feel inadequate."
And to that one, I say,
"Your loss, sister."

However, scrolling through my blog,
I see that it appears that we live
a life of hearts & flowers.
And obviously we have a special son
in a wheelchair.
But I don't try to pretend
that this life is a fairytale.
And that every day is sunny & bright.
That there are non-stop glittery smiles
and exuberant positive attitudes.
But I blog what I want to blog
and you know,
that happens to be things that make me happy.
There are a LOT of down times.
Sad, mad, depressing, low times.
There's also happy, glad, beautiful, even perfect moments.

Sometimes those perfect moments just happen.
Fall out of thin air right into our laps.
But mostly, it takes work & time.
It's a big effort to create special memories,
but worth it as I'll get out!

I'm sure my lil' Ella Rose
won't remember this outing
with her Mama to the park.
But some day she'll see these pictures.
And I hope she'll feel loved.
I'm totally okay with having this enchanting memory
tucked away in a brain vault.

This was a perfect adventure.
Not just in pictures, either.
She was happy, I was happy,
all hearts & flowers.
Except that I didn't get to be in the picture.
Guess we'll have to do it again some time.
Here is a challenge for you.
Take this lesson on celebrating life:
Have a tea party at the park.
Why not?
It's silly, only for children, so naive, too fantasy-land for ya'?
I DARE you.
Memories are worth biiiiiiiig money.

And 3 cheers for Ella!
She went to bed
with no "passy" tonight. Didn't even ask for it.
I didn't think she'd ever be broken of that
dreadful piece of plastic.
It used to be a sanity saver.
Then it turned into a stress maker.
The durned things would disappear
at very untimely moments.
Which meant late-night runs to Walgreens for replacements.
What were we doing to ourselves?
Last week, we just could not find a single one
and said,
"That's it. No more."
So she screamed it out, had a rough night,
but we made it through.
Then, next day,
wouldn't you know it?
She found two of them!
Rooskii was so proud,
"my passy!" smiling all content through the rascal of a pacifier.
But she bites holes in them.
And is way too dependent.
So I've been snipping away at it each day.
"Hole in it," she says, all bewildered.
It's been a rough few days for her around nap & bed time,
but ah,
no whines tonight.
Fingers crossed.

Bring on more hearts & flowers!
My sister & her husband welcomed their 3rd child today!
Happy Birth Day, Hudson!!!!

Tuesday, August 30

the day we ran into Miss Britt

My friend Kim commented on the blog:

I'd like to see you narrate an outing that didn't go so well. :) I take our kids out because I want our older girls to be able to experience life and have fun, but Katie is such a difficult traveler. She hates water, grass, too much activity, and being in her stroller. So usually I end up trying to keep her in one place while the older girls play and have fun. I always wish I could join them, but it's not always feasible.

For anyone reading the comments who doesn't know me, our 4 year old has complete ACC and severe developmental delays.
Well, Kim, here we go:

It was a beautiful summer day in June.
My friend, JoAnna, & I took our kids to get sno cones.
Harmless, right?
It's a hot summer!
It's the thing to do!
It passes the time!
It's cheap & right down the street!

The joint is right next to a busy street.
Red flag No. 1!
It was so stressful keeping track of my kids
and JoAnna's kids
AND trying to order sno cones for every body.
Oh, nice, they don't take debit.
Who ever heard of such a thing?
(my friends own this place, :) I love you guys!
but c'mon!)

So after getting cash from the gas station.........
Miss Britt shows up with her kids to get sno cones, too!

Do you spy the shade umbrella
sticking out of Bugg's chair?
Keep it in mind!

We have missed her!
I love chatting with Miss Britt.
I want to talk & catch up but remember that busy road?
And the small wild sno-cone eating children
running a-muck?
I'm trying to take pictures on top of that.
Why must I bring the blasted camera everywhere I go?

Just to capture our kids eating some
colored ice for 2 seconds,
which, of course, they don't even finish?
Is it worth it?!!!
So when we go to leave,
sweating & stressed to the max,
a big whoosh of wind swipes Bugg's umbrella out of its holder......

........and smacks right into Ella Rose!
Knocks her over
and into a mess of wails & tears.
Help me.
And that's the story of the day we ran into Miss Britt.

Monday, August 29

so, we went camping............

........and it was so fun!
And a lot of work.
And ultra worth it!
I love camping.
Especially with good friends.
6 adults, 7 kids, 1 wheelchair.

Bugg did okay.
It was certainly not easy to bring him
& the hot wheels along.
There was lots of rocks & dirt,
hills & holes.
And no place for him to stretch out
& scootch along the floor like he loves.
Plus, he is the earliest riser.
And you know how quiet it gets while camping
during the early morning hours.

At home, when he wakes up between 5 & 6,
we just put on some music for him
and let him babble away in his bed.
But out in the wilderness?
Where everyone hears every thing within a mile?
I just shrugged my shoulders,
grabbed my camera,
and got up with him.

Thanks, Bugg.
Because of you,
I thoroughly loved watching the sun rise,
was awed by the beauty of the earth,
and enjoyed being with just you.

And then the sounds come from others:
a sleeping bag rustles,
littles wake up and chitter chatter,
the stomping on the way to the outhouse,
chopping firewood,
bacon sizzling,
pancakes flipping,
hot chocolate pouring.....
you know you're dying to go camping now!

The Hunk makes toast.

These cups are genius.

And just as we were leaving
for home,
the sky turned.
Thank you, sky, for waiting.

I could go for some S'mores
right about now.
Sandwiched between some cookies
with fudge on them.
My word.