Monday, November 5

I needed some soul soup

This was Bugg at 7pm tonight during Family Home Evening.
An hour too early.  Which means he will wake up at 5am or earlier.  Yikes.
But anyway!
He is cute.
So life is pretty fascinating, isn't it? 
It's so incredibly full of blessings & joy!
But it can also be soooooooooo hard.
Unbelievably stinkin' hard. 
The despair & heartache have been particularly crushing lately.
I find myself saying "Why this, too?!!" all the time.
Life seems "unfair."  Which I know is ridiculous.
Life is LIFE.
I need to count my blessings, right?
But just when it seemed like I was going to break,
angels swooped down & rescued me.

In the form of this scripture:

Guidance.  Comfort.  I needed to read this.

There were other angels, parents.
They took our whole family (15 + 2 friends) on a weekend getaway
to a cabin in the woods.

It was INcredible.
To be with family, away from the worldly cares, 
surrounded by God's beautiful creations.

Cabin + family + nature = soup for the soul

Wyatt was so funny outdoors!
He loved discovering his echo.
He kept going "Oh!  Oh!  Oh-oh-oh!"
We were cracking up!

Park City, UT is known for its great shopping
& scenic town.
However, we were deep enough into the woods,
that there was no pressure to go into the city.
Content we were with each other, hot chocolate, some football watching,
games, little cousins, good food, some hot tubbin',
& being outside in the chilly mountain air.

We have amazing parents.
They are so inspired.
My gorgeous sister, Brooke & I,
are in the busiest season of our lives.
Mothering our sweet children at home.
It is wonderful & so overwhelming.

hmmm, which one isn't getting sleep at night? Me!

 My mom & dad knew we all needed this weekend away.
And while Brooke & I have been gone from the nest
a long time now,
they still offer encouragement & love, teach & inspire us, and help
us & our families so much.

Addie Mae has had croup.
But she was such a happy babe (and bad sleeper!)
 all weekend.
Poor thing, but what a funny picture!

Kylee taught the gals how to make
So cool.

This is how Bugg eats cookies:
milk over cookies & then microwaved a bit
then smooshed to mush.

He loves it.
C'mon, try it!  K, nevermind.

Boys on clean-up duty after dinner.

A few downers:
Ella's kitchen tantrum,
Brice's potty-training mishaps,
& my mom super-glued her fingers.
But if it happens in a woodsy cabin,
it is somehow glorified, right?!

Pit ~ a family favorite.
Warning:  quite a loud & aggressive game.

 And the cherry on top:
a church meeting at home on the sabbath.
Prayer, song, testimonies shared.......God's spirit was there
and it was good.
His love is so bonding & complete.
I will never forget it.

Love you, Mom & Dad & awesome family!