Wednesday, August 3

Bear - A - Dise

My Hunk & I celebrated our nine years of happily ever after
by visiting our beloved Bear Lake.

My thoughts turn to Bear Lake
all throughout the year.
Especially on those rough days when laundry is swallowing me,
children cannot seem to be happy for even a second,
or when wintery days are never ending.
I think of the clear blue lake.
The white puffy clouds.
The cabins that speckle the hillsides.
The raspberry shakes at every twist & turn.
Having my husband aaaaaalll to myself.
And we so owned this last weekend in Bear-A-Dise.

We know how to rock some
serious farmer tans!

Bear Lake has the cutest little library!
We own this book & love it!

This trip,
we brought our bikes.
And rode them everywhere.
To grab a burger, to sightsee,
to see the beach.....
We always stay in Garden City
which is nicknamed the
"Caribbean of the Rockies."
I love that little city.
Most things about it never change.
The same shops & restaurants,
the same long lines of people wanting a
raspberry shake,
the same quaint houses,
the shelves (and shelves!) of raspberry jam & syrup.

Our dollar is still there!

We stood on the Oregon Trail!
Until a gate blocked us.

Brian on the cell with Mia.
My dear, wonderful, blessed ma
had her hands full of children
while we were riding off into sunsets.
I had not a single worry about them, though.
All is safe & good at G&G's.

1/2 of the lake in UT,
the other in ID.

We set out looking for a sandy beach.
The water was so high.
Only 2' from being completely full!
We ended up driving around the entire lake.
Not because we couldn't find a beach
but because we were both so content to be chill.
Enjoying the beauty around us.

FUN! Maybe next time.

I love the HUNK.
Not necessarily just his feet. so......
I'm speechless.
"Wonderful" just doesn't seem to cut it.
I love him hugely & completely!
It feels like we've been together forever
and then again,
it feels like we were just at the altar yesterday!
Life isn't always hearts & flowers between us.
But having this time away to connect
is invaluable, brings out the best in us,
and allows us to refresh & be better parents.


Close to paradise, no?
And now we're back home,
back to real life.......

Ready to give snuggles
and kisses
and stories
and giggles
and soak up the last of the summer.
But real life is good, too.


  1. Oh what a wonderful trip with your hubby- it made me feel refreshed just reading about it :)

  2. You definitely need a "Bearadise" sign at your house!

  3. I'm so glad you two had a great getaway together! I have never been to Bear Lake or Garden City or anywhere near there and I think I'm missing out.

  4. Really beautiful pictures! Looks like a great time.

  5. That is an awesome get away. Amazing pictures too. What a beautiful Time i bet you guys had. Thanks for sharing.~amy webb

  6. Looks like a super good time!!! Happy anniversary!

  7. Awww, how sweet! Love all the photos too, this place does look amazing!


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