Friday, October 15

magic in the patch

The pumpkin patch.
What is it about being amongst plump
orange pumpkins in a wild field of tangly vines?!!!
Watching my babies tromp (or roll) through
the patch on their quest to find the perfect one
to make into a Jack O' Lantern is
yet another holiday thrill for me.

Especially at our most favorite
patch in the world.
The Red Barn.
It always feels like coming home.

I spy Bree!

Bugg has never been on the hayride
in his hot wheels.
The bumps and jolts made him laaaaaaauuuugh.
Then cry.
Can I just note:
it is super duper wonderful how accommodating
people are with his wheels.
He is unstoppable!

Yes. I wear crocks.
In public.
And I love it.

Look at our Meeskii.
The girl gets it.
She gets Bugg.

Happy orange-y, pumpkin-y weekend!


  1. That's such a cute family picture!

  2. Now I want to go to the pumpkin patch!

    Not only do you wear crocs, but you wear them with socks! Your socks remind me of high school. I can't believe you still wear crazy socks! It's so fitting for you! I'm all about no socks. In fact, besides my morning runs, I can't remember the last time I wore socks. Or tights or nylons for that matter.

  3. Darling pictures AND Bree has always been able to get away with fashion faux pas and make them look cute. None of the rest of us can pull it off but then she never was like the rest of us anyway!

  4. I want to go there! Michelle and I took our kids there several years ago, but haven't been back. I love a good pumpkin patch.

    That picture of Rooskii on the blue truck is gorgeous!

  5. This post made me so happy!! Nothing ushers in the holidays like going to the pumpkin patch! This is when I miss being a young mother. I loved taking my kids to pick out their pumpkins and going on a hayride etc! So fun! Your pictures, as always, are gorgeous!

  6. I love the red barn! I love your pictures!!

  7. That's our favorite pumpkin patch to go too also! They are so great there. Don't you just love the remodel inside? I love it! We went on Wednesday, and due to a typo on their website, we thought they were open all day on Wednesday, but they weren't. But we explained that we had gotten our whole family together on that one day, just for the hayride, and they did a private hayride just for us! It was so much fun, and so nice of them. It probably doesn't hurt that my inlaws went to shool with the owners. :) But they are still a great business and it's a great family place. We love to go for ice cream spur of the moment. I love supportng such a great business. I need to take photography lessons from you. And I'm super impressed you got Buggs chair on the wagon! How did you do it?

  8. Bugg's Mama10/15/2010 01:08:00 PM

    The driver hopped down from his tractor, saw Bugg in his chair and rubbed his hands together and said, "Okay, what can I do?"

    Brian and the driver just hoisted him up. Badabing!

  9. I LOOOOOOVE the Red Barn! Never been during Halloween time! I think I need to take my hubby, get a pumpkin or two and maybe a carmel apple! And love the pics!

  10. Your post always make me smile. Thanks.

  11. SO FUN!! We're going there tomorrow for some pumpkin-y fun!!! Love your beautiful photos and Love YOU!!

  12. Fall + Pumpkin Patch + Family = Fun!!!!!

  13. isn't gong to a pumpkin patch with family the bestest fun?! We just went last weekend too!
    I love your photos, you are so very tallented! :)

  14. That is an awesome day. I totally missed pumkin patches. I am so glad people let buggs hot wheel go on. He is seeing so many places and doing so many things.

  15. Oh I love this. This makes me so so so excited for Fall!:) And I love that family shot.

  16. Incredible photos. Gorgeous family. You have probably heard this a zillion times but your little guy reminds me of the little boy in Jerry McGuire. You've heard it. Right? I'm your newest follower.


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