Wednesday, April 25

a Labor Day story

 I read this today:
"Wherefore, all things which are good
cometh of God..."
Babies are definitely among the most good things!
And our Gem is so so precious.
I just cry when I cuddle her.
I can't put her down.
She is so fresh from heaven.
Such a blessing from God.
So good

And already a week old!!!
 To think that my due date is still another week away!
 Labor Day eve - but I didn't know it
You all love labor stories, right?
Here we go:

 I've always delivered during the 38th week.
It's how my body rolls.
So when I hit 38 weeks with Gem,
I knew this was the week we'd get to meet her.
I also knew I'd been dilated to 4cm
since my 37 week appointment.
Just for fun, 
I decided to take pics of my 38 week OB visit,
figuring it would just be another routine appointment.

And after all that, 
they tell us the doc is stuck at the hospital
and to come back in the afternoon.
grumble, grumble....
 Ella & I went home and had a tea party.
Real tea,
real cream,
real flowers.
The good stuff.
Did some more nesting ~ laundry, cleaning, baby prep.
Had a visit with Wyatt's vision teacher.
Took a nap.
Then went to my appointment again.
This time, my Hunk joined us!

 juggling in the waiting room

 Doc checks baby's heartbeat.
I always love to hear that sweet little sound.
Then she checks me and says,
"You need to go to the hospital.
You're a 5 and I can stretch you to a 6."
At which point I squeal with delight!
I can't believe it,
I feel perfectly fine.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
I ask her,
"Do we have time to go home first?"
she replies.
This is happening so fast.
So we jump back in the car,
send out a text,
call my mom,
call the kids' schools & my neighbor to make arrangements til Grandma can get there
run home to grab my bag & drop off Ella Rose.  :)

 On the way to the hospital,
I'm thinking,
I'm just going to sit there forever.
I don't feel any different!
No consistent contractions, nothing!
But we had such a blast during the whole
'cause we get to meet our new babe!

 My L&D room
There's plenty of time for pictures, right?
I'm only in labor here!

I got all hooked up,
set up,
epiduraled up.
And sat there for a couple of hours
with no change.
 But it was so special
to be there with my husband and anticipate
the arrival of our baby girl.

 The view was lovely.
I could see the mountains & Utah Lake out my window.
The doc broke my water at 6pm,
at which point my 7 cm went immediately to 8cm.
And then,
just 15 minutes later, 
I was ready to meet this sweet babe!
2 pushes later........

 We meet our sweet Adeline!
Each time we've welcomed our children to our lives,
heaven & earth collide
and the purest joy fills my soul.
I replay these moments over & over.
They are so beautiful.
And I cry.  Lots.

 Wearing the "New Dad" shirt for the 4th time
Addie hardly moved from this position
our whole hospital stay.
 And to end our special day,
we got to do Facetime on the Ipad
with our children who were staying with G&G.
That was fun.

 That is the story.
The story of Addie Mae.
A very good thing from God.


  1. What a great story! I lover her name, similar to my hallie may! She's very sweet!

  2. Thank you sharing your story. That is amazing how little pain or discomfort you had. Glad to see her safe and sound.

  3. Puddles! I LOVE the silhouette shots!

  4. Okay, I guess I didn't mention the pain in the post. There was pain, people! Definite pain involved.....eventually. But so worth it. We are trying to convince Mia of that.

  5. Soo sweet! We love u Addie mae!

  6. Beautiful!! That last photo is breathtaking! Congrats, Mama!

  7. She is so beautiful! Congratulations on baby #4! And wow! What a perfect labor/delivery!

  8. Congratulations! Happy tears for you. She is so beautiful and your experience sounded surreal in a very good way!m so fast! I'm just 28 weeks now, so reading yours labor story was a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I absolutely adore the last picture...I know how you love photography and that's just a perfect picture,!!

  10. Welcome to the world, beautiful girl!

  11. I agree - the pain is worth the gem!

  12. Wow, I just am so happy for you. You are so amazing! Congratulations on the new arrival.
    I will come visit soon.

  13. Awwwesome post! Love you Adeline, welcome to our family:)
    -Aunt Ky

  14. Hi Bree, just getting caught up on your blog (I'm a little slow lol). Anyway, love the use of coloration in the hospital pics. Hope all is well with you and yours!


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