Monday, September 3

a quick HI!

Oh, I have sooooo much to tell you!
Like how my darling Mia got baptized this weekend.
And my Bugg started 1st grade.
And my baby is rolling over & grabbing her toes.
And stuff like that.
But I'm still feeling swamped & just can't figure out how to 
take care of all my kidlings & breathe & blog.
So I thought I'd just say "Hi".


  1. So glad to see you. Wendy

  2. All of your news is exciting and great. Love Mia's hair, congrats on the batizam also Bree you look great. Buggs, that is awesome that you are in first grade. Bree we never need anything long from you just like you posted to day, short and sweet. Have a beautiful week.

  3. Lizzie was baptized this summer too :) I can't believe they're old enough for all that! I'm glad to see you're breathing still <3

  4. Beautiful girls!
    Mia, congrats on the baptism. I can not believe you are 8.
    Bree, good to hear from you. I will really get over to see you soon:)

  5. So good to hear you're alive and well...and busy! I do miss your posts and I keep checking back, but I get it! Hang in there. Congrats to Mia and, by the by, the matching green eyes are gorgeous!!! :)


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