Wednesday, May 1

You're invited.....

from pinterest

We are moving.
Not far, just around the mountain bend.
 But before we do, 
I want to host a lil' shabang at my home for all my gal friends.
We will eat chocolate and giggle and share joy.
It'll be great.
Oh, and I am going to do a "class" of sorts where I share
all my fun ideas on family celebrations/traditions/memory-makers.
Fun?  Oh, yes.
Thursday, May 9th @ 8pm
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  1. Moving? That is big news. I hope when you say moving around the mountain bend, you mean... closer to me. :) I wish I could come to your soiree. I'm sure it will be delightful. Eat a cookie for me. :) ps - missed you at women's conf this year. Where you there? April spoke. She was amazing - of course.


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