Sunday, June 28

hi, hello, & forgive this girl

Echo!  Echo!  ECHO!
Gee, it's been quite some time since we last visited
in this sacred space of mine.
I think about my blog often, I never meant to disappear.
But I see from my stats that people still swing by often.  
I'm impressed with the persistency!  You'll be rewarded 'cause like, 
Here I Am!
A few silly photos:
birds ~ I'm like freaking obsessed with birds of prey.
And my heart sunglasses.
And clouds.  I'd like a whole wall gallery of clouds.
So, may I ask.....who's here reading?  Give me a shout!


  1. That's an osprey for those dying to know. It took me forever to identify it but being the bird nerd that I am, I poured over the net and my bird guide til I found it. Ahhh, now I can rest. Any other bird nerds out there? We can talk eagles and hawks over tea! I can tell you all about the vultures on my mountain, and just don't get me goin' on falcons. {wow, now I'm just talking to myself.}

  2. Hi Brianne! We've got a lot of hawks and eagles around where we live also. It's fun spotting them perched somewhere or soaring in the sky. Glad to see you updating your blog, digging the pics. ❤️💙💜💚


  4. Love you my friend!! Glad you are back

  5. Every time you post I come to read it

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  7. My feed isn't as active as it used to be among all my followed blogs, but happy to see you back!

  8. I love reading ur blog, also love that shirt too

  9. I'm always happy when you update!

  10. I don't have our family blog anymore so I guess I will have to sign up for e-mail updates or something so that I can still get the updates! I haven't been on here in forever, so glad I decided to check to see if you were back :)

  11. xoxoxo!!! Happy to see you here!

  12. I'm in and so glad you're writing!


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