Friday, January 29

Yay for the weekend

to you.

Bugg likes his flapjacks
saturated in yogurt.
"ew," you say?
Well, I tried it and
it's very good.
Bugg has all his teeth
but the rascal will not
use them, so
we have to give him
mushy stuff.
Bugg's pa,
spoils him sometimes
and gives him syrup.

See you all next week!


  1. I soak bread and pancakes (and even Cheerios and Kix) in applesauce as well. It works beautifully, and it gives Katie vitamins and fiber. Applesauce is a HUGE staple in her diet. (I bought 5 cases of it this summer at the caselot sale!)

  2. Yeah, I still haven't figured out how he likes his food all mushed up. I guess he's used to it now!

  3. I'm so glad you stopped by our blog. It sounds like our two little guys have a few things in common.

    Jackson was also given the diagnosis of enlarged brain ventricles in utero. He is now 9 and has had several MRI's. The real deal is enlarged brain ventricles with a thin corpus callosum as well as a white matter issue in the frontal region. This is on top of the chromosome duplication, 7q11.23. You are right. Lots of terms to learn.

    I wondered if you have already gone down the genetic testing road. The reason I ask is that you mentioned you have not yet received a diagnosis. We didn't receive one either until Jackson was about 7 yrs. old. In recent years, genetic testing has come a long way! There is a new test called CGH Micro array. Before this test was developed, each piece of chromosome had to be tested (that would involve enormous amounts of testing and never happen). Now, they are able to test all chromosomes at once and look for deletions and duplications in the chromosome. The NY Times article on my blog gives you a bit more information.

    Prior to this test, Jackson was evaluated and tested for numerous syndromes. He always tested negative.

    Diagnosis didn't necessarily change our course of action or day to day life. We still look for every opportunity to help him with therapy etc. However it did give us a better glimpse at our future. We have been able to meet other individuals with the duplication and their families. Currently there are only about 100 or so individuals in the world with this exact duplication - however as more kids are tested with CGH technology, we expect that number to grow.

    Good luck. You son is beautiful. What a lucky boy to have a mom who cares so much about him!

  4. what a great mommy you are!! love your blog and your little guy is just so cute!! you me and Brooke need to have lunch someday and catch up!!


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