Tuesday, June 15

graduations, summer, and a whole lotta celebrating

Celebrating a few grads
that I just love so much:

my brother, Logan.
He is awesome.

So is my sis, Brooke,
'cause she made him this
graduation lei.
You might have seen these two
on the famous Tatertots & Jello?!!!

Bugg's graduation ceremony
was the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
I walked into the preschool class
to see the ever wonderful Ms. Britt,
sitting with our handsome Bugg.
She did hand-over-hand with him
throughout all the songs
and, my goodness,
I was a mess!

Bugg has had fanTASTic teachers.
They love him.
They really, really do.
Is there nothing that makes
a mama more happy than
to see her children be loved?
How could I possibly show my thanks?

Well, I tried anyway.
I invited them all over for lunch.
and I had such a lovely time with them,
laughing and sharing Bugg stories and crying,
that I totally forgot to snap a pic.
So this is all I got, right after they left.

Our Kindergartner is now a 1st grader.
This spunky & firey girl
adjusted quite well to this crazy year.
With the new baby and having
both children start school at the
same time, well,
it was a tricky time.
meaning sometimes downright
Can you believe that homeschooling
still calls to me occasionally?!!!
Oh, my word, can you imagine?

Celebrating sporadic bursts of
cold weather. What?!
At least I get to wear my super cute hat,
handmade by my lil' sis, Kylee!

Celebrating nap times. Always.

Celebrating the discovery and
wonder of chapter books!
Summer list includes: Junie B. Jones and
The Little House books.

We celebrate the Bugg most definitely.
Every second.

And this one's new trick:
"talking on the phone."
She says, most heartily,

Apparently we celebrate sick days
because Meeskii said,
"I prayed to have an ear infection
so I could get the pink medicine!"
Whatev, kid. There you go.

Many trips to the parks.
So many to choose from.
We are going to rate them
and find the best one out there.

celebrating sunshine.

Celebrating SUMMER!
And welcoming it by
throwing a party for the children
in our neighborhood.

Celebrating just 'cause.
A campfire in our driveway
with family.
Happy Summer everyone!


  1. You have the best ideas! I love that you guys are always celebrating something. It always keeps it fun. You're a great mama!

  2. I sure wish I lived near you, you have the best times! :) I love the picture of Bugg looking over his shoulder. He is absolutely adorable.

    I get Peanut's glasses at WalMart. They are prescription glasses with transition lenses, so they turn into sunglasses outside. :)

  3. Oh my!!! I absolutely love your pictures! Have a great summer, friend!! I know you will!!

  4. Thanks again for the all the celebration ideas! Can't wait to put a few into practice for Father's Day.

  5. You guys know how to celebrate things right!

  6. I can't believe all these celebrations! How do you find the energy, girl?

    I laughed about celebrating nap time. For sure. And praying for the pink medicine! I have one that looooves that stuff.

    I agree that there is nothing better as a parent than when someone loves your children. It's the best.

  7. It's always good to celebrate...we don't always know how lucky we are!



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