Sunday, March 25

at the temple

Sundays.....a day of rest,
& spiritual upliftment, right?
Yeah, sometimes.
Today, I felt frazzled & frustrated.
My soul yearned for comfort.
And then I ended up with the 2 youngest
on my own in the afternoon.
Needing some solace & cheer,
I buckled them in & we drove to the temple.

Maybe it wasn't the wisest thing to do:
my very pregnant (dilated!) self lugging
the big Bugg around.
I just needed a quick visit,
if only to sit on the grass and gaze.
But I did just bring the stroller,
instead of his hot wheels,
if that makes you feel better, Mom.

I haven't done pin curls
in forever!

For kicks,
here's a family picture
in front of this same fountain........

Chubby baby Bugg ~ 3 months
Mia ~ barely 2

And again in 2008......


  1. BREE! We went on a walk around the temple today! Lovely day...a little cooler...very nice. You look beautiful and I hope things are going well. I'd love for us all to get together while I'm here, but I'll be back again for therapy I'm sure. We'll see if we can't make it work before you have a baby? We'll see...

  2. I can't believe you hauled Bugg up there by yourself! I'm already having a hard time lugging Katie around and I'm not 9 months pregnant! You are super woman. :) I have a little present for your newest little miss. I really need to stop by and see you one of these Fridays. Hopefully Katie will get over her awful sickness and then we will stop by.

  3. Yes, I do feel a bit better. Thank you. I loved all the pictures, old and new.

  4. Love all the pictures, you have a beautiful family!!

  5. Perfect place for the sweetest family!

  6. What a great idea! I'm pretty sure the gates of the temple here are closed on Sundays though.

  7. Some times you have to do something for you, and you did. you seized the moment and I love it. Now you need to book a prenatal massage and a pedicure! You need a Bree day

  8. Oh that blonde curly hair and cute glasses! He is SO, SO, SO cute! <3 You really do rock those pin curls, too! ;) I remember all the lifting I should or should not have done while pregnant, but I figure it's not like I just began lifting her... I did it every day before that, too! :) I remember saying to my husband with tears in my eyes, "When we get to Heaven and I get to talk to her, I can't tell her that she was the reason we didn't have more kids... she LOVES the babies!" They were all meant to be here as siblings and I can do it, I'm stronger than I think. ;) Beautiful pics!! :)

    Becca's Mom


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