Monday, March 12

showered with love

Brian is the eighth of TEN siblings.
8 boys & 2 girls.
Have I mentioned that?
Pretty amazing, huh?
Also amazing: 5 of those siblings including
his parents live near us.
Turn that amazing into durn incredible:
3 of us are expecting babies within in 2.5 weeks of each other!!!!
(totally unplanned)

And let's make that durn incredible become
ecstatically super coolio awesome:
we are all having girls!!!!!

Our sweet ma-in-law and sis-in-laws
put on a baby shower at my house for the 3 of us
over the weekend and invited all the ladies
in our big extended family
plus my mom & sisters (who also live super close!)
to come celebrate.
Spring, new babies, good food & family!
I felt so loved!
They did such a sweet job on all the details.
Baby shower food is my favorite.

And the funny little games?

Mia, my grown up darling, got to
come, too.
She was my photographer while
we opened presents.

It's like triplets!
Our babies got so many identical outfits!
And diapers.
And little booties.
And all things wonderfully girly.

Em, Bree, Rachel

Auntie Em is due first, & Rachel & I are due on the same day!
Such a blast!
We are all giddy about our babies that we get to meet so {sorta} soon!


  1. I got the invitation and was wishing I could come! Looks like it was fun!

  2. Keep blogging for us, Bree. Though I rarely comment, I'm still here reading and being inspired by your words.

  3. What a blast!!!

  4. I wish I could have been there too!

  5. How fun to have so much family nearby and to have 3 baby girls due at the same time!! Cousins are the best!

  6. How fun!! I had that with my 3rd girl. She was first and then a month later a boy cousin and then a girl cousin a week after that. :D So much fun!! You are the most beautiful pregnant lady ever! You look gorgeous in pink!! :D

    Becca's Mom


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