Saturday, April 13

all is well

You are all so wonderful.
We are very grateful for all the prayers, notes,
texts, visits, calls, etc for Bugg.
He is so loved.

 And he is healthy again!
These pictures were taken tonight as I was tucking him in bed.
He was so happy & had the biggest giggles.
He is back!

Especially when it comes to illness,
it would be helpful if he could tell us where it hurts, you know?
But it turns out, 
he was extremely dehydrated from being so sick for so long.
Which caused some other health issues.
The poor boy was just lifeless.
The Dream Lite looks way cooler
in the dark!

 He started getting better the day after I posted
requesting prayers on his behalf.

 I know Bugg is being watched over.
Good night.


  1. I'm so glad to hear he is feeling better.

  2. I'm so glad he's doing better!!!

  3. That is wonderful to here that Buggs is better, and great news that he was dehydrated. Easy fix. Love his laugh pictures.

  4. WONDERFUL to know that Bugg is better! That is such a blessing! He is adorable. ♥

  5. So wonderful to hear! I was going to send you a quick e-mail to see how his CT scan went. What a trooper, you all are!

  6. Your boy is amazing and his spirit shines through in hs pictures. I am so happy to hear that je is well again.

  7. Aww, so glad he is feeling better. He is even more adorable than ever!

  8. So glad that Bugg is back to himself, and glad to "see" you back here!

  9. I'm so glad he is feeling better... sending lots of love!


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