Thursday, April 25

day in the life

My day started with brunch with some friends.
I love brunch.  I love friends.  And I love life!
I'd like to just run, jump, & click my heels, you know?

 My baby turned ONE last week!
I know, wow!
 The arrival of Spring's glorious green has done
wonders to my spirits.
My word, that was some winter!

 I crave the library.
Like once a week.
Books & Spring.  Ah!

 Afterschool porch munching.
It's the best.

  A favorite quote by Jaroldeen Edwards.

 Also the BEST:
random picnics in the mountains.

I spied this hidden path a few weeks ago
and knew I could turn it into an adventure.
I didn't know where it led or what was on it
but today we packed a picnic, some books 
& just started walking down the trail..

It turned out to be a secret place,
right up against the mountain!
Mia & I were immediately reminded of the book,
Heidi, which we are reading together.

 Climbing the "Alm"...
by the way, that book is so great.
I can't believe we've never tried goat's milk.
Or seen a real barrel organ.  Or slept on hay.
and yes, Ella is in her jammies. 
Her outfit of choice most days.

 We were re-enacting Laura Ingalls
running as the credits roll on the show. 
 Remember that part?

It was a good day in the life, friends.
Enjoy this amazing season!


  1. You are an amazing mother, Brianne. I love you!

  2. thanks mom you rock !

    love mia

  3. I love this! And I hope you're back. I miss you!

  4. Spring- books- picnics- and YOU.. some of my most favorite things!

  5. L O V E that you're posting again! And I didn't even know! I am totally inspired. XOXO!


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