Thursday, March 27

just me

Fall 2013 ~ Battle Creek Falls hike
Right now, I'm......

~ craving some chocolate, wishing there was a baked goodie somewhere.  But alas, I ate the 5 hidden cookies yesterday.
~ tired from another pitiful night's sleep.  Mia is sick and has a horribly itchy rash.
~ loving my new bright blonde hair.  The Hunk reminded me recently that I was blonde when we met and that he really liked it.  So I obliged. 
~ hearing an almost 2 year old Adeline NOT taking her nap.  Please don't outgrow those naps yet!  But Mia & Ella were 2 1/2 when they were done.
~ wondering what's for dinner tonight?  Or even if it's important.  Cereal?  Yay!
~ thankful for my husband's new-ish job that he is enjoying.  After a bout of unemployment, it's more like amazingly grateful!!!
~ ridiculously giddy that Season 3 of "Call the Midwife" starts soon.  I've spent absurd amounts of time watching it on my laptop in bed at insane hours.  It's THAT good!
~ mad that this laptop is missing 13 keys ripped off by curious little hands.  This is taking forever to type!!
~ missing my California old school friends and their laughs.  Reunion in our future, girls?
~  thinking that if Spring keeps playing PeekABoo, then I'm going to paint a sun on my ceiling.  I'm ready for adventures on some hikes with the girls.
~ wishing for more time to read.  I couldn't get into The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin so I dropped it.  I'm on The Women in Lincoln's Life by H. Donald Winkler.  So interesting!  And I just finished Visions of Glory by John Pontius and Jane Goodall's autobiography Reason for Hope.  The latter being truly inspirational, the former being life-changing!
~ proclaiming myself a Bird Nerd.  I have oodles of pictures of different birds on my camera and have loved thumbing through the new field guide to match their identities.  Followed a flying egret trying to get closer pics yesterday.  So beautiful & fun!
~ hearing peace from Adeline's room - YES!
~ looking forward to the weekend.  Bugg has a professional photo shoot for a special needs project, hooking up with my BFF, and of course, the LDS Women's Broadcast which Mia is able to attend now.



  1. Love You! Glad your back!!! :-)

  2. Love the picture ... that was a great hike. I'll work on replacing those laptop keys. I'm so glad you're enjoying your bird watching hobby. I love you!

  3. you can already watch call the midwife season 3 on your laptop with website (cut and paste this link; then search for call the midwife and enjoy)
    this is how I watch ALL the new shows before they air and I too stay up until insane hours of the night.

    Thanks for posting and for a picture of the girls...they are so grown up. Time passes too quickly.

  4. I am glad to hear the hunk has a new job. What a relief I bet. I can not wait to hear more about Buggs photo shoot. please post a lot on that and why for special needs, maybe a commercial????

    I am craving chocolate too but nothing is hidden around here. I wish!

  5. Ooo I love Call the Midwife too! So glad to see you are back to blogging again! I love your posts!


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