Wednesday, November 23

Oh, Hello!

We've missed you all!

If you're still reading this blog,
bless you.

The Hunk said it last week.
While sharing a sundae on a date.
It's something that he's always said
as I've started getting back to my ol' self after morning sickness.
"Welcome back!" he says,
with joy & relief.

My baby belly!
It's been a rough time over here.
But it's been the same with every pregnancy,
so I should have known.

The picture-snapping has been minimal.
But I did take a few on this really bad day.
I thought, "someday, I'll look back at these & laugh, right?"
The biggers were off to school.
It was just me & Ella.
I couldn't bring myself to lift a fingernail
(so how did I manage to put her hair in braids? Go me!).
I plopped down on the floor,
brought out her dollhouse & a ball of string
and let her have at it while I slept & dazed & sulked.

Gee, pictures sure play a good bluff.
But it was bad, people.

Bugg & Ella watching a DVD
on my clean bedroom floor.
The state of our house these last couple
of months has been awesome.
You know, "awesome."

But I've had a swell survival kit,
lest you think I'm completely helpless & pathetic.

Ice cream.
The GOOD kind.
This can only mean one thing:
Haagen Dazs.
I accept no other.
More specifically,
strawberry, chocolate, or
most specifically:
Chocolate on Chocolate Ice Cream Bars.
Where have these been all my life?
I don't know if I can ever go back?!!
Please don't ask how much of our life savings has been spent
on this perfect treat.
I've been ridiculous about hoarding & being quite selfish
with my Haagen Dazs.
Hesitant to share,
hiding it in the back of the freezer,
giving death glares!
Pregnant women,
they can get away with so much!

But mostly,
I've survived because of my Hunk.
Like when I yelped out a last minute plea,
"Please take me away from here!"
He took me to the Marriott in Salt Lake for a night.
I love him!
Love my parents,too, for taking the kids!
And he has dealt with mounds of dishes & laundry & bedtimes.
While I've hid in corners eating my ice cream bars.
There have been good days, though......

Like when we took the family to
Gardner Village last month.

with cousin, Ashtyn

I barely squeaked out costumes for Halloween.
We didn't go Boo-ing.
Didn't roast pumpkin seeds.
Had a really quick Fall Frolic
during heaving moments.
No cool Halloween cookies.
No parties.
And I was just plain off my celebratory game.
We did host a Pumpkin Carving gathering in our driveway
with all our neighbors.
Brian lit up the firepit.
We had cider & treats.
Very festive & lively!

It's mostly been pretty chill.

Oh, yes, there was this one night
that I sent Brian to the store for diapers at midnight.
He came home with a potty chair for Ella.
Okay, so apparently, I'm ready for this?
Not the best timing, darling.
But the next morning,
she sat right down & went!!
And she's gone 5 times since,
according to the potty chart that Mia made.

She has also decided that naptime
is only necessary about 3 times a week now.
I've been spoiled with naps.
Every day,
I would put her down for a nap.
And then I would nap, too.
For like TWO hours!
But then,
the little sneak,
as I was sleeping she'd just whisper & play.
For an hour!
And then she'd come & tell me,
"I wake up dis morning!"
But at least I still get an hour.
We call it quiet time now.

Days are brighter,
I've got more pep in my step,
we're getting out more,
I've got a baby belly now
& the blogger is back!

Great timing, too!
It's the holidays!
Ella & I have been out shopping for
Christmas secrets.
I picked up this obnoxious lip gloss at the $ Tree,
thinking it'd be a dollar wasted.
I love it in all its ridiculousness & shine.

And yeah,
you bet I rocked the gloss at Sam's Club
while eating my soft pretzel
and shopping for bulk stuff.
Only to notice that the pretzel is wearing the gloss, too.

Do you see what I see?
Bulk Haagen Dazs!
But alas, not in chocolate.
Vanilla - you just don't do anything for me.

We got an early present:
the Nikon D5100.
It was on a psycho sale & the mister just couldn't
pass it up.
The camera is freaky.
It does freakish things.
And weighs a lot.
And it really intimidates me.
I feel like I'm cheating on my D40.

But it takes wicked pics.
Right now,
we're on a His & Her camera basis.
The Hunk uses the 5100,
I use the 40.

Cookies are back, too!
And on the doorstep after school.

And really,
all I wanted to say in this long post is......

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


  1. Welcome back! I'm so glad you're pulling out of those rough first months of pregnancy! It's hard to function at all during those, but I really don't know how you've managed to mother the other 3 three kids during this time! Those are the tiniest, cutest braids ever!

  2. Glad youre back! Cutest baby bump ever!

  3. Oh, so good to have you back!

  4. Yay! Welcome back. Your kiddos are cute as ever and you look great! Glad you are feeling better. Cute baby belly.

  5. I'm so glad you are feeling better and just in time for the big holiday. I love all the pics of Bugg and the fam. I can't believe how big he is getting. He truly does look older. What a sweet boy. That smile melts me every time. We don't see a lot of those from my special one, so I'm glad you have that gift. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Welcome back...humour hasn't gone anywhere! Glad you're feeling better.

  7. Congratulations on surviving!!!!! That sounds a lot like how my pregnancies went too. Thus: only 3 kids, lol. Glad you're starting to feel better. Good thing it's so worth it ;)

  8. Hooray! You're back! I want to know what you think about your new camera as you get used to it. I'm a D40 girl, too. Your belly bump is the cutest!

  9. i've been checking your blog daily... welcome back! i love ella's braids! so glad you are feeling better. bugg is a real big boy now! his smile is more contagious than ever...

  10. You are finally back! I think I have been looking at your blog every single day to see if you've posted. Bree- I think you are just so awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Welcome back. Thanks for all the updates and pictures. I missed reading about whats been going on. Love the belly shot, love the cookies after school. Like your new camera. Also you will have to tell me how you took that picture of the sun set with mia jumping up and she is shadowed black. Awesome. amy webb

  12. Oh happy day, you're back!! Love your pictures, love your baby bump, love you and your cute family!!

  13. Welcome back, you adorably pregnant mama! :) You look great and I love all the fall pictures. The new header picture of Bugg is TOO CUTE!

  14. Hi. First time commenter here, but I like to think we're sorta pals. Good to see you back in action...I can't imagine how you do it!

    I have also been wanting to contact you and see it you'd want to be a part of my spotlight special...I'd love to have you and Bugg. I know you're just getting back on your feet and you've got a lot going on but let me know!

  15. Oh my gosh, you are so awesome! This post was so real and spectacular and beautiful and pure and joy and sass and you are such a gem! Truly! -Harmony


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