Sunday, November 27


What is better than blogging
by Christmas tree light?

Blogging by Christmas tree light
& listening to Christmas tunes
on Grooveshark.
Especially "Christmas piano music."
Try it.

The Thanksgiving holiday was filled with
all the good stuff:
gratitude, family & food!
And we made caramel, too.

While all the zombie-crazed Black Friday
shoppers were out,
I was enjoying crepes in my HoHoHo jammies.
But Saturday,
I got some steals at JoAnn's.
I'm taking to the sewing machine for a lot of my gift-giving this year.
Yikes. Fingers crossed.

We had to hold Mia back til the day after
Thanksgiving to put up the tree.
She was so ready a week ago.

I love her thrill for the holidays.

She is so my kid!
Bugg was all giggles as we
brought out the ornaments.
How many times a day do I say:
"Wyatt is so awesome."

their bedroom
We did a bunch of hanging out
over the holiday.
Being with family, lounging, eating......
it was good.
But by Saturday night,
I was ready for a holiday adventure.
Something outside perhaps?
Magical. Bright. Christmas-y.
My memory-making wheels were turning & scheming.
Let's do something special.
that's when an impromptu Guy's Night was planned.
Subtract Brian.
Okay, so now what?
I need an adventure.
I want a magical memory with my children
to go down tonight!

And it happened.

I told them,
"Let's go on an adventure!"
We packed up gloves, hats, the hot chocolate canister and
set out for the Riverwoods.
I'd heard about it at Christmastime but have never been.
Oh, my GOODness, it is so magical!
Really? An outdoor mall can be that cool?

There was live entertainment in the gazebo,
firepits & warmers on every corner,
carriage rides,
Santa visits,
and the lights!
They're everywhere!
It was so fun.
And cold, of course.
And I forgot to pack my coat.
But - miracles!- I found one of the Hunk's coats in the backseat.

Visiting Blickenstaff's toy store is quite an event.
It reminds me of "A Christmas Story"
when all the kids are ooohing & aaaahing looking through
the toy store window at all the toys.
Yeah, that's how it is here.

ooohing & aaahing by Bugg

And you're thinking,
"That girl is crazy!
Taking all those kids out in the cold
by herself at night."
We stayed up past bedtime, indeed.
There was some shuffling.
It was work.
But good golly,
look at this picture:

on the carriage ride
I am so up for a sweet memory
to tuck away forever.
My children were so happy & really good.
They were just taking all the magic in like I was.
They're not always like that.
But this night was ours.
It just clicks sometimes.

I love how Santa reached over
and put his hand on Bugg's hot wheels.
Must be the real Santa Claus!

I am so so thankful.
Thankful for this beautiful season.
Thankful to be a mama.
Thankful for LIFE!


  1. Okay, I'm bawling. Yup, that musta been the REAL Santa for sure. Even if it wasn't, I still love him. Now where is this outdoor mall? I'm soooo there!

  2. what an awesome outing... (and i love bugg's hat!!). wondering how you went out on your own with 2 sets of wheels to push- did mia push one? when i had the same set-up (my middle son in wheelchair, youngest in stroller), my oldest pushed one set...

  3. I am thrilled you got to do it. That took great courage with all the kiddos. It looked beautiful and lots of memories to have too. Yea to go Bri...

  4. I liked that mall in July, I'd love to go back in December! I'm glad you had a great weekend!

  5. Thanks Bree. This happy post gave me a much needed attitude adjustment. Thanks!

  6. This image was the perfect shot that I looked to paint for my christmas card this year!


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