Tuesday, October 5


....Bugg and all his cuteness.
Like the eyelash on his cheek.
Grab it, make a wish, and blow.
(my wish right now: to get Bugg's new bath chair approved by the insurance peeps.)

our table centerpiece
General Conference was WONderful, no?
PJs, c-rolls, BINGO, treats, words of a living prophet.
Feeding the spirit & the body with just the right stuff!
And Autumn time...
we're celebrating the most enchanting season of all.
I love LOVE love our annual Fall Frolics to the canyon.


Mia & mama picking leaves




and last week!
We drive up to a different canyon every time.
The camera & a picnic come with us.
The menu is always the same:
fried chicken
chips 'n salsa
apple cider

with a cinnamon stick straw!

Bugg's food. Poor guy.
Fried chicken and chips aren't his thing.
Ya' know, that whole chewing gig
just doesn't work out.

A good dose of whining!

Mama & daughters picking the most
colorful leaves to bring home.

And what do we do with our leaves?

Wash 'em, dry 'em, string 'em.

And celebrating snack time!
free-for-all style.

Today I found a way to celebrate
Yeah, laundry.
The sun was shining just so
and that heap called to me.

He is so cute.
Oh, my word.
SO cute.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, love all the fall colors and of course Bugg is just too cute.

  2. I am always amazed, exhausted, and a little abashed reading your posts. You have so much fun!!! I love that you celebrate everything! That's the way I want my house to be. Perhaps someday. If I can get ahead of my own body for a minute. Then we can start by celebrating me being able to unload the bottom rack of the dishwasher all by myself!!! and unloading the dryer like a BIG girl! And if it gets REALLY crazy then we might even consider scraping the last of the stickers off the floor.
    Alas, those celebrations will have to wait until my abdominals are again reunited.
    Enjoy your celebrations. Enjoy your babies. They're all so beautiful. I will never get over his hair and his big smile! :D

  3. I can barely stand it all! LOVE IT!

  4. He IS so cute. I miss that little Bugg of yours.

  5. Beautiful pics! The colors are so amazing. So Bree, I have a question for ya. I strung up leaves last year after seeing them on your blog. They were BEAUTIFUL for a couple of days, but then dried out, shrunk, and didn't look that great. Do you have a trick for keeping them a little longer than that? I've heard of dipping them in parafix wax, but that seems like a lot of work...

  6. Love the peace sign in the mirror. And the leaves are just stunning. You take amazing pics and I insist on some tuteledge when I get my new camera!


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