Thursday, October 4

back, better than ever.......?

May 2012 ~ tired mama & 1 month old Adeline
If I had kept up blogging over the past few months,
it would have gone like this:

I am fried.
Completely overwhelmed.
Today was hard.
I am so tired.
This is so hard.

Nice, eh?

 No worries.
Life sorta got the best of me for awhile there.
But I've learned a lot and I'm back.

Older, wiser, & a bit haggard, honestly.

I have approximately 10 bagillion pictures
to share of our summer.
A summer I will remember, for sure.
But now it's fall?
And that newborn is 5 months???!!!

My lanta!


  1. Bree, you look so amazing in the Fall picture. I cannot believe that after each child you just keep getting more and more beautiful.

    Ich hab dich lieb!!

  2. Yep, Bri is right. Beautiful picture!

  3. Bri thank you for sharing !!!!! I want to do a blog about Kiara and losing your child. I set it up I just cant google it and find it. Do you know how to make my blog finable, I am like you also using Blogspot. Thank you for any I missed seeing everyone especially the Bugg!!!!

  4. Bree the picture at the top of your blog it so beautiful! That golden hour! I am totaly famous cause I am on your blog!! Yahoo!

  5. I feel that way right now! I LOVE that fall pic! Those colors are amazing!

  6. I'm so glad to see you up and running again! I've missed you!


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