Sunday, October 14

Six years old & perfect in every way

The Bugg turned six in May.

We celebrated the truly awesome, perfect & wonderful
boy that he is with a family outing.
A picnic, the Aquarium, & 
Leatherby's for a giant banana split.

 We had a blast.
No presents.  Just presence.
Such a big boy.

There were many heart-breaking days for me
when he was a baby.
I was consumed with "what-ifs"
& questions about his unknown future.

But his smile & glow have been ever faithful.
Never has he let me down.
Always, always will he give me love.

Full of love, life, & joy.
This boy of mine still cannot say a single word.
Take a single step.
Or do anything for himself.
He inspires me to be my best self.
To live more simply & joyfully.

To reach out to others.
To have gratitude for my blessings. 

 To have charity.

Bugg helps me to remember my Heavenly Father.
That we are all His children & He loves us so much.
Thanks, Bugg.  You are awesome.


  1. I love Leatherbies, what a great place to take him too. What a wonderful Birthday and a great age. Happy Belated Birthday Buggs!

  2. Wyatt is the greatest son a mortal man could ever have. I love you WYATT!!!!!!!

    (PS: I am completely head-over-heels in LOVE with his mom.)

  3. His light just leaps out of these pictures. You've captured him beautifully.

  4. I can't help but smile when I see these sweet pictures of him! Happy belated birthday Wyatt!


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