Monday, October 22

Lessons on Celebrating Life #58: Play Hookie

 Adeline Mae is six months old!

 I called her "Gem" when I was pregnant.
She is exactly that.
A beautiful glowing gem. 
Addie has been a joy, joy, joy to have
in our family.
She is so happy & good-natured.
Smiley & content.
A few people have told me,
"Good, you deserved an easy baby this time."  :)
(Ella was a colicky one!)

 We sang Happy Half Birthday to her
& she celebrated with her first bites of cereal!

 She is our first babe with hair, too.

And to kick off the weekend:
We met Mia at the bus stop for a treasure hunt. 

I hid clues throughout the walk home,
in the trees,
taped to poles.
Each clue had a letter on the back
so when she had gathered them all,
she had to unscramble the word 
which led to the treasure.
So Cloak 'n Dagger, I know.

 ...which led to the ol' firepit....

 Mia can rock her outfits, eh?

We chowed down some cookies while waiting 
for the Bugg to get home.
He is so wonderful.
And here is that lesson on life:

I let the gang play hookie from school on Friday.
'Cause every once in awhile, it's a good way to celebrate.

I'm so cool.
We went to my parent's house for a couple days & played.
The $1 ferris wheel ride at the new Scheels.
Visiting with my brother & sister home from college.
Gardner Village with cousins.
Thrift store shopping - my favorite! 
My mom's cinnamon rolls.
And hiking!

The beautiful & perfect hike for my littles,
including the one I wore.
Yeah, I wear my baby. 

 My dad took my sis, Kylee,
me & my girls on the hike.
Buggy stayed home with Grandma.
Brian is thinking of building him some type of rig
that will allow us to haul him up mountains.
But I am on the look-out for wheelchair friendly hikes in Utah.
Anybody got any ideas?
PS:  Dad is the one wearing the cape :)
aka Addie's blanket.

Hope your weekend was fun, too.
And have I mentioned?
I'm stoked to be back to blogging!
xoxoxxxo, Bree


  1. Oh so many lumps in throat! I loved the pix and we love when you visit.

  2. I love your pics. So want to go on this hike now. And how were you not on my google reader? I just added you. Your baby's little curl on top of her head--oh, how it makes me smile. Hugs!

  3. Yay I'm excited you're back to blogging and that I can see everything in my reader now :). I wore my slightly larger baby hiking thhis weekend too

  4. Glad to hear that your gem is good and peaceful for you. Loved her half birthday first bite of food. Good for you to take the kids out and relax with family. That is how it should be done. Love the hike and I will look for wheel chair friendly hikes for you.

  5. If I saw that first picture in a lineup I'd totally peg her as one of your babies!

  6. I'll say it again -- you are an amazing photographer!!! Love all the yumminess of fall!

  7. Oh I love your little gem! What a fun hike!! I loved taking Caleb to Bridal Veil because it's all paved! Love you!


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