Wednesday, July 8

Cloud 9

 Our Bugg celebrated his ninth birthday
on Cloud 9 in May.
What???!!!  you say.
He's NINE?!!

 It's tradition to go rollerskating
for Bugg's birthday.
We all love cruising the rink with his hot wheels.

Wyatt just finished "3rd grade."
He's in a special class with absolutely 
the dearest angel friends - students & teachers & helpers.
Every year at the end of school,
we invite all the kids' teachers and aides
over for cookies & milk.

 We love to honor the wonderful influences
that are part of the lives of our children's education.
And any excuse for me to make cookies?
I'm on it!

 Thanks, everyone, for the comments
and love you've sent since I fired up the blog again.


  1. My Wyatt is so amazing, and so is my wife! Love you, Breeze. I'm really happy that you're blogging again.

  2. Josh loves the pics of you pushing bugg at the skating rink!

  3. I love all the sweet updates on bugg and your family. Love you guys.

  4. Wow, happy late 9th birthday. Biggs is growing quick

  5. Love this and you and all your family. Glad you are back on the blogosphere. It makes me happy :)

  6. Happy Birthday Bugg!!! Wow he is getting so big. Beautiful family, so happy you are back to blogging.


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