Thursday, July 16

Yes, I float cake

 I had a birthday.
35 was not my favorite year.
But I definitely feel wiser, so it was worth it.
We celebrated at the lake.

 I have a pretty weird tradition on my birthday.
I seriously think about it all year long.
It is straaaange and I LOVE it. 

 I float my cake on water.....
what in the?!!
We've done the pond, the stream, even the tub.
Just depends on the year.
It is crazy!
Some years are easier than others,
like this night was so windy, the candles wouldn't even light.
There were so many waves!
Plus, I forgot the floater thing so the ice chest made do
but was so wobbly.

 I was dying laughing
in this picture.
The idea actually came from one of my favorite
children's books by Tasha Tudor called A Time to Keep.
It is so magical.

 I've never lost a cake yet.
Except to water bugs once.
Plastic wrap cures that.

It's starting to feel really wild,
this whole getting-older-thing.
Anyone else?
{smile, wink}


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