Wednesday, July 8

What I am fighting for

 The girls & I went on an adventure
to see Temple Square in Salt Lake last Spring.
A favorite place of mine.
It's goooorrrrgeous, plus God's Spirit is so abundant.

 These 3, ooohhhh, these 3.
So darling, so spirited.
Creative, talented, energetic, independent.
And can really rattle my brain, heart, & soul!
Boy howdy, can they.
Wyatt may be physically challenging but he's CAKE really.
Our girls can make me want to run for the border some days.

 My mom is totally dying at this picture,
I'm sure of it.

 I worry probably too much about
how much attention my kids get or don't get.
I don't want the girls to resent their unique childhood
having a brother with special needs.
I am crossing my fingers and toes that it actually helps
shape their character into way awesome people.
Honestly, Bugg is so patient and chill
that it's often he who has to wait his turn while we deal
with Mia's drama, Ella's tantrum, or Addie's potty mishap.
The endless to-do's of life,
the constant "nurturing" of children (nagging, whatever),
keeping up with schedules,
maintaining marriage & family relationships,
for pete's sake!  It can be frazzling!

 But remembering God.
His Son.
Their Plan for me and my family.
I can press forward with faith.
Take deep breaths & prioritize.
Over and over again. 

 My dear friend, Tami, often asks me,
"Bree, what are you fighting for?"
She is so great to keep me on track.
"My family!" I answer.
I'm fighting to keep us safe, healthy, happy, together.
It's worth it.


  1. I'm so glad you're blogging again! I miss you so much! I wish we could just hang out all the time.

  2. Love all the beautiful pictures. And yes it will be all worth it just have faith in ur family and God

  3. I love your strong spirit. It helps me fight too.

  4. You go Bree!!!!!! Keep on fighting!!!!!

  5. It is worth it... I promise :)

  6. It is worth it... I promise :)

  7. What a sweet and tender post. You are a fighter - a warrior in fact, and I love you!!


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