Thursday, September 16

a bear tradition

Remember how I cancelled
the picnic last Friday because
it was supposed to rain?

These mountains are covered in RED already!
Aaaaugh! I love it!

Well, it didn't.
In fact, the weather was so perfect
that I took a picture to deal with
my bitterness.
Blue skies with cotton-candy clouds!
What are the chances that I even had
cotton candy in my pantry?

But I tell you this:
we are ON for tomorrow.
For sure.
No doubts.
Can't WAIT!
We will be relishing the end-of-summer
warm weather as we
dine alfresco with our cozy bear friends.
We'll also be
savoring the autumn glory
that has taken over the mountains
as we swing our hearts out.

Bugg's 1st Teddy Bear Picnic - 2006
Same time, same place as scheduled
for those of you I talked to last week.
Email me if you haven't yet!
**~~breefro at yahoo~~**

I'm feeling some bear pancakes comin' on.....


  1. We want to come...Matthew and Me...

    but we live in Oregon

    so we will be lining up our teddy bears and thinking of you and your beary fun picnic!!

    P.S. Super cute picture of Bugg's 1st Teddy Bear Picnic.

  2. Have a great time on your picnic.
    Awww, love the baby picture of Bugg

  3. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself at my blog. Bugg looks like such a darling boy. His smile is contagious. And I love how creative you are with activities for your kids. See you around. :)

  4. See you there for some yummy teddy bear fun!!

  5. Oh I wish we hadn't missed it! My life feels chaotic right now, so I'm taking it one hour at a time for the next week or so. Today was picture day at school (as i'm sure you know) so I felt good about remembering to set out clean tee-shirts last night and actually "do" K&L's hair this morning. In years past I've always done something special for picture day and I feel rotten that i didn't. But the truth of the matter is that I don't think they even noticed. Or at least they forgive me, I hope :)

  6. How sad that the cotton candy clouds mocked your canceled picnic, but this week was beautiful so hopefully all was well.

  7. Hope the picning was a lot of fun for the small and big ones too! :) Can't wait to see some photos!!!

  8. Bree - it's fun to catch up with your haps! Sounds like you're having loads o' fun. I love the fall colors - we are still digging the 90+ degree weather, so no fun fall yet...but it will come! It's funny seeing pictures of Ella b/c she and my little Brooke have all the same clothes (plus, did I by chance give you a jumper from H&M b/c we have the same one???). P.s. it was so great to see you this summer. Let's do it again next year, ohne kiddos. :)


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