Monday, September 20


Last week, we were a little bit naughty.
My children skipped school because
I whisked them away to
Grandma & Grandpa's house for
an over-nighter!

One of the highlights of my LIFE:
watching Anne of Green Gables
with my Mia who soaked
up the movie just like me!
We've tried watching it a couple times
before but she just wasn't into it yet.
We cozied up on the couch after the babes
had been tucked nighty-night
and watched it on my parent's projector.
"My name is Anne Shirley.
Anne is spelled with an e."
The movie totally inspired a trip to Salt Lake... see this house.
We went with my Mom, my sis, Brooke,
and her kids.

The details were glorious
and reminded me so much of Anne's house.

Plus, the history is just cool!
I am blessed beyond measure to belong
to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
And by the way, watch this inspiring video!

Most of the time,
you see bride & groom atop this pedestal.
But was is it not perfect for Bugg & his wheels?!

"psst. Hey, Carrots!"
oh, go on! You know you want to watch it now!
And don't be shocked but I just HAD to
have homemade ice cream.
Because when Anne goes to the Sunday picnic,
that's what they had!


  1. YOU are cute. :) I smiled looking at Bugg atop the pedestal as we did the same thing with Ben's chair a few years ago. So sweet. And I LOVE the Beehive house, so elegant.

  2. What a fun day. I love you girls sooooo much!

  3. I LOVE Anne of Green Gables! What a wonderful reason to play hooky!! And yes, the temple pedestal is perfect for your snuggle Bugg!

  4. One of the best movies of all times! Hope I get to watch it with my daughter someday!

  5. I loved the picture of the three girls walking along the path, surrounded by beautiful flowers! Precious!

  6. How fun that you could introduce Anne to your daughter and that you could go on a field trip as follow up.

  7. One of my VERY favorite movies! I'm going to have to watch that and Little Women (my other favorite movie) with my girls. Maybe when Daddy has to go on a business trip next month. And I LOVE the Beehive House. Every time we go up there I want to go to it. I think Rusty is getting sick of it. :) My kids love it too. I'm fascinated by the history too. Looks like you had a good day. I love playing hooky with my kids.

  8. Everyone should play hooky more often. It would definitely reduce stress. Love the movie!

  9. I {heart} Anne with an e. It's my favorite movie and always has been!

  10. We always watch "Anne" at Christmas time as a tradition. But, I might watch it early now!


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