Sunday, September 19

colorful weekend

We are embracing the Autumn beauty.
I say!

Tell me.
Does the color just GET TO YOU?!!!!!

Incredible sunset courtesy of Herriman fires. :(

And the bear's picnic was super fun, by the way!

Breakfast that morning.

Perfect colorful picnicking weather!
Bugg immediately fell asleep
on his guests.

The snuggly-wuggly Caleb.

Kim pushes the cutie Katie.
And I forgot to take pics of Christy & kids.
And all of them with their bears.
And of the softest sugar cookie bears ever.
But have you met Ella?
She flees the scene like THAT.
Which I LOVE, don't get me wrong.
It's been quite some time
since I've had a toddler, you know.
I'm still getting used to a mobil-er.
I was pretty busy chasing her down most the time.
Hence, photog memory loss.

It was such a fun time.
We love, LOVE getting together with friends.
Thank you guys, SO MUCH, for joining us!

Camping with lots of family!
Only, in the woods this time.
And yeah, a lot of work.
a LOT. But so worth it.

My Hunk took all the cool nature-y photos in this post.

Bugg snoozes by the campfire.

2 points if you can guess what this is????

Heaven help us if we leave home without it!

Breakfast is my favorite part of camping probably.
Powdered donuts & hot chocolate
in the coooold early morning.
And then pancakes, bacon & eggs
as it warms up and gets brighter.
Sleeping between 2 babies?
Not my favorite part.
That equals about 30 seconds of sleep.

A special message came down the stream!

Sealed tight in a tupperware.

Licorice was the sweet treat.

Wishing you a colorful week!


  1. What amazing photos!!! I truly LOVE fall and you are making me crave it more than ever! Super cute!

  2. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. (happy sigh) Thank you for sharing these most beautiful and delicious photos!

  3. The fall colors are amazing, and I really love all your silhouette shots!

  4. Love that you put Ella in Bugg's chair. We put Hallie in Grant's chair all the time to keep her in one spot. :)

  5. I love the fall pictures, I wish we had fall!

  6. Oh wow!!! Your pictures got me so excited to come to Utah this week!! We are dropping Scott off at the MTC! Seriously, your first picture should be framed or submitted to a magazine!! They are all beautiful!

  7. Where did you go camping??? Absolutely beautiful! The colors are amazing! We need to get up there soon before the leaves all fall, although playing in the leaves is fun too!

  8. oooo I miss Autumn in Utah!

  9. Oh your pictures are just beautiful! What a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing a bit of us with us! We love you!

  10. The photo of you holding Bugg up in the air with the sunset in the background took my breath away and left a tear in my eye. It is so beautiful the way you two look so connected with heaven in the background...

  11. Beautiful photographs!! Lovely pictures of the Teddy Bear Picnic in the park. Love seeing the kids on those cool swings. Family camping time with powdered sugar doughnuts and hot chocolate on cold mornings is heavenly. And your "30 seconds of sleep" comment made me laugh.


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