Sunday, September 26

a new season to celebrate

Ah, the changes of Summer to Autumn.

The vibrant trees
on the mountains look like flames.

Sounds of the season
(accompanied by Wyatt's pounding!).

Canning peaches & jams
with my ma-in-law.
I love this bonding time!

Our Autumn check-list.

Minus the walnuts.
Hello, yum.

Yes, yes, Autumn is the best.
But I've been celebrating more
of a different kind of season lately.
The one-babe-at-home-with-mama-season.

It's just me & Rooskii.
For 3 hours, 4 days a week.
It is awesome & beautiful & so fun!
Kinda reminds me of the olden days,
when it was just me & Mia.

Like when I took her to her 15 month check-up,
just the 2 of us,
and it was so easy.
She had my full attention.
No wheelchair, no whining from extra kids,
no losing my mind keeping track of everybody.

And then, like we do after every doc appt,
we went to our favorite bakery.
To cheer up the freshly vaccinated baby.

And boy, does she know!
She knows she is getting special
time with her mama.
And I think she is in love with it.
Just like I am!
It is amazing what one-on-one time does for me.
I notice more details.
More joy. Less of the whiny stuff.

I love being able to really focus
on Ella and her new discoveries (ahem!)
and laugh and play and
take walks and
do chores & errands together.

btw, this is Mia (2005)

Ella jamming and.....

Mia jamming in May 2005.

We go on all sorts of adventures.
Like story time at the library.
It is so cute to see her sit with
all the wee ones on the carpet.
For about 2 minutes.
Then she up and wanders off
to explore the shelves
(and try to pull every book down).

This paci-baby-outside-food-lovin' girl
is such a blessing to our family.
(to translate into Ella-lish: "poppy, bebe, ow-hi, nana)



  1. awww what a beautiful little girl, wonderful pictures. Happy Autumn.

  2. Really, we're so much alike: canning with the ma in-law, staying home with our ONE child, jammin' on the pots and pans! I love it!

  3. This post had me rollin'! Love it.

  4. I adore Fall and am always thrilled with all the activities, weather and decorations that come with it.

    How wonderful to have this alone time with Ella! Every baby should get that time with their mom, and the mom with the baby!

  5. OMG your post completely made my day! It is one of the cuttest most adorable posts I have seen in a good while! I love the pictures of Ella and Mia comparisons I had to take second looks to see who was who ! Incredible that you'd get such awesome pictures... and Ellas little behind in the air for night night is the cutest thing ever. I wish we were enjoying autum already it is hotter than summer was we are having 103*f weather its crazy! xxx love!

  6. How sweet! I love the little baby bum in the air sleeping picture. :)

  7. That is awesome you are able to have some one on one time with Ella. Good for you.

  8. Wow she and Mia really do look so much alike! What a fun time for you to share with your baby girl! Chloe got that exact bandaid after her flu shot today! :)

  9. I'm so glad fall is finally here, now if the temperature would just agree with calendar! That little girl of yours is just too cute!


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