Sunday, July 3

great craft, bad lighting

For not sharing this 4th of July craft earlier!
For this very terrible lighting.
I was just making these firecrackers up on my bed
and thought I'd be a gem and share it with you.
Maybe you could craft these up during naptime tomorrow???
Or something?

Cut a TP roll in 1/2.
Stuff with Independence Day goodies.

Roll up in tissue paper & tie the ends with string.
I can get 2 firecrackers out of 1 piece of tissue paper.

I score the middle with a push pin.
Makes it easier for little hands to bust open.

Fray the ends all fire-crackery-like.
To burst, grab each end and PULL!

Happy Birthday, America!
Don't forget to make a cake
and blow out the sparkler candles


  1. We had fun singing Happy Birthday at the fireworks last night!

  2. You ARE a gem! Cute craft! Thanks for sharing!


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