Friday, July 22

I missed the Fourth?!!!!

my leg was totally attacked
by some awful bug!
Celebrating America's birthday
just might be my favorite holiday.
And I really mean it!
I know I say that about every holiday
but there's just something about Independence Day.

Like watching fireworks from
the mountainside with family & friends.
Eating waffles with red (strawbs),
white (whipped cream),
& blue (blueberries).
Making firecrackers for the kids.

Or going to the grand parade.
In the heat,
carrying way too much stuff,
struggling & searching to find a parking spot,
getting stuck in the post-parade traffic....
I love the parade!

Wearing red, white, & blue.
Eating red, white, & blue.
Decorating red, white, & blue.

Putting cute ribbons in my kids' hair,
only for it to last 3 seconds.

BBQs every which way we go,
homemade ice cream & root beer,
hearing fireworks go off into the wee hours of the night,
stocking up on sparklers
for the rest of the celebrations throughout the year.

Feeling oh, so proud to be an

Watching my Mia Darling
lead us in the "Pledge of Allegiance"
and hearing my brother, Logan,
play the "Star Spangled Banner."

Singing Happy Birthday to America!

There's that saran wrap again -
I learned that if you don't cover the cake,
the ashes from the sparklers create a nice texture
& flavor!

Watching the sparkler/fireworks show
in the driveway.
Staying up way late.
Feeling grateful to live in this
tremendous country.
(in the best state, too!)

And that was our ode to our America!
Can you tell what I wrote?


  1. I LOVE Ella's pigtails! So cute! It kind of makes me sad every year that we don't have sparklers here, but I will say that it scares the heck out of me to hand my kids explosives so I guess it's good it's illegal!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time

  3. I love the writing with sparklers!! So cool!

  4. Awesome 4th celibration. I can't wait to have Olivia for a 4th and try some of your fun stuff you do on your side. Also I think you wrote Wahoo~AMY WEBB
    p.s. when are you going on your hike up the mountain? I cant wait to hear about that.


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