Wednesday, July 20

pulling from the archives

My camera broke.
Does life go on?!!
Shallow & ridiculous as it sounds,
I rely on my Nikon eyes to see beautiful moments
even more clearly & extraordinary.
So, for now,
I get to open up the archives
of ka-gillions of pictures that I haven't yet shared.
And there's a lot.
Just from this month alone!

This was a favorite moment from a couple weeks ago.
Bugg fell asleep at a family picnic.

For all the moments that I ever mourned
over having this special boy
in our family,
I am making up for it a thousand-fold now.
Celebrating him every moment I can!

swapping smiles with Grandpa
And sharing him, too.


  1. Sweet pics! Soooo sorry about the camera!

  2. That's the second Nikon I've heard breaking in the last two weeks! I hope you can get back and shooting soon.

  3. How long must a Grammaduh wait to see a funny video of Ella Rose?

  4. Sorry to hear about your camera. I hope you can fix it. Awesome picture of buggs napping. What a beautiful boy.~amy webb


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