Thursday, April 15

Cookies before dinner? Aaaaabsolutely.

Dada is inspecting a "butterfly"
moth with his shmancy microscope.

Was 4:00pm good to you, too?


  1. Is Bugg asleep in that last picture? So funny! Unfortunately, Katie has moved past the stage of being able to sleep anywhere. She will only sleep in her bed now. Makes traveling difficult. I took her to the Children's Museum last week, and she was hysterical because she was so tired, but she wouldn't just go to sleep in the stroller like last year! I felt like I was torturing her. I love that Bugg will sleep anywhere.

    And how do you eat so many cookies and stay so skinny?? :)

  2. No, actually Bugg was just making a grimace. hehe

    But he can sleep anywhere. Awesome. But not Rooskii!

    I like cookies. Only when I'm doing TurboKick!


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