Friday, April 2

celebrating Easter

I wish you all
a very special
wonderful Easter!

See you next week!
love, Bree


  1. Happy Easter to you and that your sweet family!

  2. You are too cute and such an amazing mama!!! Happy Easter!!!

  3. Happy Easter to you guys too. I love that you changed your frames to spring now, but alas, it is still snowing here today. I hope CA is treating you better.

    Haha when I saw that picture of the rice crispys I first thought it was rice and was so grossed out that you put jelly beans in it. Then I figured it out. Oh man could you imagine

  4. HAPPY Easter to you and your adorable kiddos!

  5. Happy Easter! I LOVE the piano pic! Just wondering if your Bugg has ever been tested for Mitochondrial Disease. He has a lot of the characteristics and it is a very rare and unknown disease. My son has it. Just curious...feel free to email me


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